Event ID for vnav

I’m trying to build a panel that matches my IRL Cessna 172 using Air Manager. Currently modifying the GFC 500 autopilot that is available in Air Manager but it is only x-plane compatible. I’ve mapped most of the buttons updating the code. Obviously the Sim is based around the bendix king on the 172 so its not 1:1 but there doesn’t seem to be an Event ID for vnav. Also the fs2020_event(“AP_VS_VAR_INC”) and DEC seems to behave strange but under the cirrus the up/down on the vs works right.

Can someone point me to the vnav event ID (the xplane is sim/autopilot/vnav if that helps)
Also the Vertical Speed doesn’t seem to have an event ID
I was working off this:


And while I’m at it the IAS Seems like it would map to one of the AP_PANEL_SPEED_HOLD events but that doesn’t seem to work.

Hello Commander. Did you find out what the command for VNAV is?