Events calendar and plugin under maintenance

The calendar plugin is currently under maintenance and not available at the moment due to the latest Discourse update, our apologies. We hope to have this feature back as soon as the plugin is updated.


Just to confirm, as there is now a message suggesting online services should now be functioning, is it possible to add an event? I keep getting and error message relating to the update in Discord.

I have several events to book for the coming week and need to get started to manage the workload.

Regards, Paul (Aussie Group Flights Team).

Unfortunately this Calendar plugin is unrelated to online services of our game. It is a plugin of the forum software we use, Discourse. The devs that manage the plugin are aware there is an issue globally (not just our forums) and are working on a fix.

So just to confirm, there is no way to publish events on the Community Forum - Correct?

You can create the post as a regular topic, there is just no calendar at the moment, so you’ll have to specify the date and time in your post at the top!

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Hi Jayne, I used the Calendar option to record the Date and Time of the event at the top of the post but when I click on the Create Topic button, nothing happens. It will allow me to click on Close to save or delete my draft.

Hi Jayne, don’t know what changed but I was able to save my draft community event. Looks like I’m good now. Thanks, Paul

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Nobody does this. Without the calendar this page is pretty much useless.


Except it still lists all upcoming events?

10 days is not down for maintenance. So far I’m not super excited about the new and improved calendar pluggin that we waited 2 weeks for a few months ago. :person_shrugging:


I’m not sure anyone is, but it is the only plugin option we have! I am following the thread and hope to see an update from them soon.


Thanks for the update.

I’m not sure how long it will take us to get this fixed, as it isn’t at the top of the queue at the moment. PRs are most welcome, as are offers to sponsor a repair.

(from the linked Discourse thread)

Well, that’s encouraging :slight_smile:

Not encouraging indeed. If there are no updates within the next two weeks I will start considering external calendars, but I like that this plugin works directly with our forums.


I’m still getting error conditions when attempting to drill down into events, to view the content. Also scrolling through existing events will pause as it determines more events to list and doesn’t return further events to scroll through.

This is a problem for updating events already created.

I think it’s time to provide an alternative now or at least a viable workaround! The calendar has been broken for way too long and it’s a feature that is vital to community flying.


Some of the event posters include the date and time of the event in their titles. This is extremely useful especially when the calendar plugin is down. Perhaps this could be a posting requirement instead of just a recommendation?



Just out of curiosity, what happened to the former plugin the forum used? I know the Event plugin doesn’t work but what about the calendar one?

Cheers! :airplane:

Would it not be possible to roll back to the old calendar plugin (or whatever that was) as a stop-gap?

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