Every time i launch FS2020 i need to reset my setting (TCA Quadrant Throttle)

Good morning everybody,

I am new on flight sim 2020, so please keep in mind that i cannot understand every short cut that you could use to help me :slight_smile:

I started to use the sim 3 days ago. I have a TCA quadrant throttle and the joystick of Thrusmater (Both of the Airbus series). I used them mainly for the DA62 and A320.

The first time i spent time to set the throttle sensitivity to have the correct parameters according to the position of the throttle for the DA62.
So when i get :
10% (of load value display on the G1000) in IDLE position
45% in CL position
80% in FLX/ MCT position
100% in TO/GA position.

To obtain that i set :
Sensitivity- : -47%
Sensitivity + : 47%
Dead zone : 0%
Neutral 100%
Extremity dead zone : 1%
Reactivity : 100%

i was happy by this config.

The day after when i wanted to do a flight, nothing worked anymore. I get nonsense value.
So i re-spent time to reset everythings to get the same value of load according to the position of the Throttle.
For the second attemps i obtained :
Sensitivity- : 50%
Sensitivity + : 100%
Dead zone : 0%
Neutral 100%
Extremity dead zone : 1%
Reactivity : 100%

For the thrid try same problem, same story.
I get
Sensitivity- : 66%
Sensitivity + : 0%
Dead zone : 9%
Neutral 100%
Extremity dead zone : 24%
Reactivity : 100%

I don’t understand why everytime i launch / start flight sim my previous setting are not working anymore.
I precise that i have unbinding the “integrated throttle” of the joystick, so the issue is not coming from this one.

If you have any idea for the troubleshooting or maybe the solution i am hearing you :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for your help, i wish you a pleasant day.