Every time I run Top Gun, it wants to install it

Can some please help me with this the Top Gun activity? I cant play the activity after installing it and I click on it to run it goes back to the install.

Crickets here!!

All the crickets are chirping “I dunno, works for me.”

You have to install the Top Gun content from the marketplace.

I did. And once installed i click on the Activity and it goes back too Content Manager!

I too have issues with Top Gun wont fly challenges or training crashes to desktop. Someone listening out there??

Did anyone solve this? I have the same issue since May when Maverick was released.

I bought the game via Steam, community folder is empty, Maverick DLC is installed.

Every time I click on “Maverick activities” I get redirected to the content manager which states that the DLC is installed and up to date. Nothing more. No way of starting any Maverick content. The livery and the other plane from the DLC are missing as well.
I re-installed the DLC a couple of times with and without restarting the game after uninstall etc. I even uninstalled the whole game and re-installed everything from scratch, but the game is still showing that the DLC is installed and redirects me to the content manager when I click on “Maverick activities”.

Also having the same issue. Have a video but unable to post links or upload here.

Still having the same issue after the 40th anneversiary update.