Every time I start it it crashes

That was good idea, I have 512 GB SSD drive and I went for 32 GB. It did not help, so I tried DELL hardware check and it failed miserably at graphic test, same black screen and same noises for the GPU fans. It looks like I need to go to DELL for help under warranty. First, I’ll try NVIDIA if they have any hardware test.
Thanks for you input,

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I know this wasn’t directed to me, but I have the latest amd drivers installed, latest windows version and idk what power supply I have but my dad works with lots of electrical components so he knows what he’s doing and he got me a powerful power supply

it had only some questions so that we can help you…

And your answer is, that you think I would blame your dad ? :flushed:

ah… I asked @RiverCrawdad840 … one more point why I don’t understand why you think that

No no that’s not what I think, what I meant is that the psu is good, it is definitely not the problem in my case

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ah… okay :slight_smile:

I not answered for your issues, because I not own a Ryzen / AMD Grahicscard combination.

So hints I can give is only things like the virtual memory… seems in meanwhile as a fact, that users with less than 32Gig RAM must increase it.

Also have a look into the windows event viewer about the error code.

Since I had a same issue.
Narrowed it to faulty graphics card by running hardware diagnostics. It passed video and CUDA test, but failed on video stress test!!!
Dell is sending replacement card.
My computer runs with the card in place, but SIM takes too much from the graphic card.
Always trust your dad, I am 71, so that is what I am dealing with my offsprings:-)

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You were correct on both issues. I received new GPU from DELL today under warranty and it runs fine. I also increased the virtual memory to 64GB and there are no more jitters during flight.
Happy New Year

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I had the same issue.
I tried to start MSFS with an aircraft in my community folder which was not updated. So I had to delete it first from my comm folder and MSFS would start again without problems.

Thanks for the reply…

Not many users would accept that hardware issues exist ( we have in meanwhile some cases ).

I have a question:

  • can you have a look how many memory windows set for the virtual memory after you playing MSFS ?

It is depicted within the settings page…

I don’t have it set up for automatic paging like you.
Min 16 MB
Recommended 2919 MB
Currently allocated 32000 MB
I worked as electrical engineer and I have seen some strange hardware failures in the field!


Hi @RiverCrawdad840,

I haven’t set it to “Auto” :wink:

Possible I had should explain why I asking you about the image / helping.

I thought you have set a “custom size” like:

  • 4Gig Min and 20Gig Max
    – have in mind: 64 gig is to much, also 32 Gig you will not realy need

Because of this thinking, I would ask whether you can recheck to which size windows then increase the “Current allocated” value after you playing MSFS.

I can not check this, because I own 64Gig Ram :slight_smile:

Yes, it looks that 32 GB memory would run fine without any virtual memory.

I have 16 GB and it takes about 14 GB more from virtual memory. Upgrade to my computer is under way.


Hi Mike,

Very thanks. This is what I want to have confirmed

Thus, it is exactly as expected.

Windows needs, if the game is running, over all around 32Gig RAM and with my recommendation of 20Gig the users are on safe side.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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If you play longer and change scenery it needs more, but 32 GB is optimal.

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ah… if users with 16Gig RAM play often these game, what to expect :slight_smile: , then the Min:Value can realy bit higher. Then windows not allways needs to increase the file and it will not fragmented.

So, yes… possible we should change the recommendation like :

64 seems to much. I have 64Gig installed and have a Min of 1Gig and this was never increased ( and I have lot of memory eating apps )

Just to follow up, I changed the setting for virtual memory to auto and let the windows decide. It runs about 17 to 22 GB depending on the aircraft. It looks like best setting since it takes only what it needs. In your case try to go to “Task manager” => “Performance” => “CPU”. In my case it clearly shows that if I do Landing challenge for New York with 747, I clearly run out of 16 BG just loading the aircraft.

this “auto” works now, because the former manual setting :slight_smile:

You can try it:
disable paging → then windows removes the ‘current allocated mem file’ → then set again “auto” and windows set “max value” to an amount which is not enought for MSFS.

Found it.

32GB of memory
(my D:\ drive has FS2020 installed on it, C:\ has Win 10)

Win 10 - right click “start”
click “system”
click “advanced system setting on right side of screen”
click “performance settings”
click “let windows choose what’s best for my computer”
click “advanced tab”
under “virtual memory” click “change”

This screen displays:

Note: Caution, this screen can be deceptive.
“Automatically” is checked.
C:\ drive is highlighted (blue line)
Under the blue line says “None” (for the C:\ drive only)
The box below is checked for “No Paging file” for the C:\ drive
At bottom of screen, it lists “Total paging file size for all drives”

Note, “All”

I changed the C:\ to “Custom” with 900MB min and 1000MB max.

Just unclick the “Automatically” box to see each drive.

With the D:\ drive selected, it shows 222710MB (222.710GB) “Space available” on D:
(This 500GB 970 EVO M.2 SSD has Win 10 in C:\ and FS2020 in D:)

It would not let me set “System managed size” for C:. It said that there was not enough space on the “disk” for the paging file size specified. (I have no idea what size was requested.)

I put 16 MB - 1000 MB on C:\ as “Custom”
D:\ as “System managed”
F:\ as “System managed” (F:\ is 1 of 3 drives on this 1TB disk)

Min and Recommended remain the same.
Now “Currently allocated” has increased to
13.701 GB from 8.704 GB.

Don’t know how it is spread between the 2 “System managed” drives (D:\ and F:)

Just trying to understand how this “Page File”, which is “Virtual Memory” to Win 10, is actually stored on Disk.

Seems best to manually set . Can’t see how “System Managed” actually does manage it.

What say you? I kind of see what you mean by “Auto”.

with “Auto” is of course meant “System managed” :wink:

But the part you quoted was an answer to a former discussion about “Auto” → “Manually hig value” → “Auto”.

Be aware:
beside of pagefile you have an issue with your C: drive. It is allways not good if your c: drive is completly full ( you have 3gig left ) !
The Operation System have no “room to work” and it cause often crashes ( Out Of Mem ) !

Also in special for SSD type you should allways target max 80%.

If you own 32Gig RAM you normaly not need to change pagefile from “Auto” to “Manualy”. Its not wrong to do it, but I assume you run only into an issue because former mentioned “C: drive is full” and windows can not allocated more pagefile-memory.

And separation of pagefile onto two disks as valid.

Note: Pagefile is nothing else, as that windows(a driver) simulated that a file / or x files on the disk is part of your physical memory. Of course it needs managed and it is a lot slower than your RAM, but you can in this way execute application which need more memory as you have physicaly installed.
The “Auto” setting have some rules when/how/much/etc this pagefile is increased. In some situations we need special settings, and this is what we do :slight_smile:

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