Everyone is having problems with ILS?

What am i doing wrong here? I did set the ILS in SDK for Rwy 03R at DTW but when testing is taking me way off to the left
ILS setup

Testing the approach

Thanks in advanced!

is the heading of 36 degrees correct?

According to the charts, yes

why does the pic #1 show a rwy of 24 or 21???

edit: sorry reciprocal of rwy 03

edit: looking at airnav. rwy 3R is 036 degrees mag, there is a west variation of 7 degrees now in detroit

so 026T + 7 west = 036M, you have mag var of +3


aha, i will do the adjustments and let you know if it works. Thank you very much

Setting the mag var to 7° fixed the problem, thank you sir, much appreciated

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