Example model in blender

I’m working on a new aircraft, but other than the series by NwekTV i find it hard to find resources.

Luckily the DA62 sample has helped me a lot, but I don’t have 3ds max so can’t open the included model to see how stuff like animations were done. When i import the model into Blender i also don’t get the animations.

Is there any way to import the default model into Blender (properly) or is there any other plane/model i can import import?

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This importer plugin seems to be able to import animations and MSFS materials intact. If you can get it to work, you should be able to learn more from the default aircraft.

I would not try to turn around and export models from Blender, it would probably not work. But you can see the node names and animation names which is priceless for developing a new model.

You can also read the node names and material names from the gltf directly with a text editor or XML editor. Getting the node names used in default airplanes can be paired with the model behaviors they use. You can get a lot of your animations up and running quickly that way.


I’m not sure if I’m doing sumething wrong, but I can’t get it to work.

I downloaded the plug-in from Github and installed the zip-file using the Blender preferences. However, when I import a model (via de File/Import/glTF 2.0 option), I get an error message saying “Extension MSFS_texture_dds is not available on this addon version”.

I also have the MSFS2Blender toolkit, with which I can import a model successfully, but don’t see the animations.

I can’t provide full support for that plugin as I have nothing to do with the project. When you download the zip file from Github, open it and find the addons directory. Zip the folder inside addons and use that in Blender. The other files are all the code used to compile the plugin.

Depending on which branch you downloaded, this addon/plugin may be named the same as the default Blender GLTF importer/exporter. That creates a conflict. There are some branches in that repo that have renamed the plugin. In the Blender import tab, there will be a different listing for the MSFS gltf format.

This entire process is a little tricky and not well documented. But when it works, it’s quite a nice development effort.

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Has something changed as of late because when using the addons, any attempts to open msfs gltf files results in an error for me (FYI I’m trying post update 5)

I’m having the same problem. I wanted to do a simple livery for personal use for my kitfox. Other people are doing them somehow. If i try to import the gltf i get the error “extension msft_texture_dds” is not available on this addon version.

Did you ever get this resolved because I’m facing the same error

Nope i gave up.