Excessive Icing effect

The other solution is what I’ve been using, hold the slider to the left in DevMode until you are in the clear again. But mostly now I just fly where it’s warm, until they address the problem.

hey guys thank you so much for all votes we got over 250 votes qnd i think we are starting to get microsoft and asobo s attention. Please share rhis form in as many community platforms as possible.So we can get some more votes . Hopefully, we can see Asobo adresses the problem soon.

Seeing as this forum’s aggressive topic-closure rule applies to voting threads too (why?..), guess we better keep "bump"ing it up :slight_smile:

Happy to keep this thread alive :slight_smile: I’ve been avoiding clouds all-together in my simple no-anti-ice GA aircrafts now for so long (due to this), that I’m not even aware of the state of this issue… Is it still as crazy as it was at launch / a few months ago?

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It’s going to be a long winter. :roll_eyes:


Matt Damon is stranded on an ice planet??


Actually, I’m approaching EDDM but to MSFS that makes no difference.
I assume there still is no workaround for getting rid of this travesty of a blatantly unrealistic yet beautifully rendered feature?
Have a nice NYE!

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Thats exactly what you should do in real life on planes without AI :crazy_face:.

I’d say what we have now is probably pretty accurate for simulating an aircraft sitting on the ramp during or after freezing precip. However, for in-flight? I’d say 95% is inaccurate. The only areas that would accumulate would be leading surfaces. Underneath the wings could be frost, but the conditions would have to be unique, and not all aircraft are susceptible to this.

@Nijntje91 haha, great point :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

#notapilot, but still seems excessive, though, as per above posts

It is excessive and looks like having the aircraft parked overnight in freezing fog. I had some icing today during flight (in the real world), MSFS icing has nothing to do with reality :joy:. I really don’t know how Asobo came up with this, maybe its a lack of knowledge…

Absolutely tired of the icing. Way too aggressive. I can’t even get the ice off the 172 with heater on.

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I think its pretty unrealistic for a 787 to pickup 16,000lbs of ice on descent through 1 cloud layer. I think someone forgot to add a decimal somewhere or something. 1,600lbs maybe…160lbs probably…I dont know exactly what the problem is and I know ice is terrifying…but I dont think its like that irl. Any rw pilots that can comment on this thread? I know its been discussed ad nauseum, but has there been any kind of consensus on this issue?

It isn’t correct. I have over 8200 real hours flying Airbus, Embraer, DeHavilland, and assorted GA aircraft. Inflight icing only accumulates on the leading surfaces of the airframe and wings. Currently in the sim it collects all over. Not real for inflight.


I’ll echo this. It looks dreadful in-sim at the moment, like someone took a snow blaster and blasted the airplane in chunks. The only way you’d get ice on non-forward-facing surfaces would be SLDs or freezing rain that streaked/ran straight back from point of contact.

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Even then it wouldn’t look like that, I’ve never seen it look like that anyway and I have flown in a lot of icing conditions. This is clearly looks like frost and not like SLD with runback ice. Ice will also never runback that far, at least I’ve never seen it.

Yeah that’s right, I forgot about SLDs. They do get past the protected areas of the wing and other surfaces.

Super-large water droplets are mostly confined to highly convective environments (e.g. thunderstorms, big fronts) and shouldn’t be encountered every time I climb through the freezing level. The visual ice depiction is massively overdone especially for large jets like the A320 and 747. And rime ice on the fuselage is way too much.

I mean the amount of ice we see in the sim typically only occurs with turboprops who spend most of the cruise in the low FLs. Jets just power through the low FLs and shouldn’t have anywhere near as much ice on the climb.

Can someone please make a mod to reduce/turn off the visual icing effects?
Edit: Nevermind, found the setting to turn off visual ice depiction in the Dev mode options.

I can tell you from experience, turboprops won’t look like this either, even after plowing through ice for a long period.

The icing effects looks more like frost, it looks like the aircraft has been parked in freezing fog overnight, not inflight icing.

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Yeah it’s not particularly normal for turboprops either, but generally turboprops have it the worst.

Here’s a completely iced up Shorts 360:

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Yeah I flew the BAE Jetstream in Scandinavia for years :sweat_smile:, I’m well familiar with inflight icing :rofl:. Still ice will not form on the vertical surfaces, maybe some runback ice in case of SLD but nothing more, definitely not frost…

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