Exclusive: Still photo AI traffic in an actual airline simulator

Thought I would share for everyone who loves AI as part of their simming experience in MSFS:

For those lucky enough who fly for a living, and love to sim as well, a step into an actual $10,000,000 USD sim as part of their training enjoy seeing AI Traffic of real-world airline liveries represented within the simulation.

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If you install AIG, and all the flight plans / liveries, your sim will be full of the real world flights / liveries :slight_smile:

And then they will take off from the wrong runway and circle above the airport, you forgot that part lol


Not exactly,

You can install AIG, get all the models but not actually use AIG Traffic Controller (which injects traffic). This adds the liveries to the AI within MSFS.

Here’s a screenshot at KLAX I do not have any AIG software running, this is the in game using the liveries.

American Eagle pulling into the gate.

As they say: you get what you pay for :wink:

That or it’s GTA San Andreas with mods. :face_with_monocle:

AIG looks just fine to me

Level D visuals are getting better, but most desktop simmers would still not be impressed. They serve their purpose. We had to pay quite a bit to have the terrain around Juneau and a few other Alaska airports upgraded in some of our older sims, so it was accurate enough to train the visual maneuvering that’s required in some of our proprietary procedures. This was in older 737 NG sims. All the 900-ER sims have pretty good visuals, and the MAX sims are the best I’ve seen yet.

As for traffic, there’s usually a few aircraft in proper livery at gates. Nothing ever moves. An instructor can inject a single AI aircraft in flight for the purpose of triggering a TA/RA event. Training events are long enough and sim footprints are scheduled tightly… no one wants to wait for AI traffic to get out of the way. :wink:

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