Exit to desktop-FSX could allow this

All - In FSX I could have “window with FSX running” under that plan, it would use all desktop space except the taskbar at bottom, and I had the " - X" available to minimize or exit from game. Is there a way to make FS-2020 do the same? It would be nice when long flight to get dinner or something to snack on, and make other breaks as needed. I did follow one person’s advise and created game pause and unpause key combination, but minimizing the game would be great. Ideas if possible please.

Run MSFS 2020 in Widowed mode , and at top right you should be able to min it! ?

Hit Alt+Enter to get the sim in windowed mode. Just minimize from there.

Ahhh ninja’d.

That did it, and it shuts down much faster this way. Not having to go back and back and back. Great Thank you. As an aside, great Fly Away Simulator document on controls/keyboard assignments just released for free. “MSFS Controls/Keyboard Commands”, and it’s in a print layout that is large and easily read.