Expand checklists to include after engine start and cover the whole flight

please please could the developers expand on the checklists to also include a checklist for the procedures after engine start and to cover the whole flight. I have found the checklists extremely useful and just wish there was more to them including after landing


Exactly! I would love this as Well… I found in one airplane, it had all of the checklists from cold start to after taxi - so basically from start to finish…

Which aircraft was that? I’d like to learn to fly the A320 NEO start to finish, but only having the first three checklists is a shame, I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of stuff to be flying properly

Can more detailed check-lists be done? i.e. before taking off/after taking off for planes? The only one I get is before engiene start when I fly from cold and dark.
Second thing is more detailed cockpit. It would be great if every button and knob can be switched on and off (now most of them are marked as “out of service”).

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I think for more detailed aircraft, I’m afraid it looks like 3rd party. If you fly the airbus 320 there is a excellent mod being worked on where there constantly adding more switches and in the latest update from them, more to the checklist.

You do realise you can google A320 NEO CHECKLIST and no joke 50 come up in the search results and images, including complete full checklists from normal ops to emergency procedures.

Have them on a phone or tablet next to you. Print them out and have hard copies, have them displayed on a second monitor. It’s actually better and more realistic that having a weird pop up window on your screen displaying FS2020 blocking half your view / cockpit

Yes and there is a brilliant checklist on this forum I use from the guides section thats in PDF. But for me and many other newbies to airbus and Boeing etc showing the locations of the switches to start the aircraft is very useful.

Paper copies work very well UNTIL you add VR. I’m waiting for the day when I can fly VR in FS2020 and then I will need included in the app checklists. XPlane solves this by making the check lists editable. Which means I can make my own check lists from what I find online. :slightly_smiling_face:

If there was an option (at some point) to have passangers, like in FS:Passangers add-on, to set all the options, including cabin pressure and switching lights inside cabin (no smoking, etc) it would be perfect