Expand the Historic Fictional Liveries!

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Loving the FSX fictional liveries in SU3! A really pleasant surprise, especially with the liveries appearing on more than just their original aircraft.

Perhaps for nostalgia’s sake and as homage to the history of the sim, over (slow) time we could see the older versions of the liveries dripped-in as retrojets? Examples like:

  • the red/white/black (FS9) & blue/yellow (FSX B738) World Travel liveries (full retro with the gorgeous version from the FS9 Dakota)
  • the blue/white American Pacific
  • Landmark airways with the picture tails
  • Blue (very Maersk-looking…) Pacifica
  • Orange Soar (maybe also beige/blue from the AI MD83?)
  • Emerald Harbor Air
  • bare metal Global Freightways
  • black/yellow Orbit (B734) and blue/white (AI DHC8)
  • etc. etc.

You get the picture :slight_smile:
More importantly than the above, I think, would be reviving the GA liveries first, so that we have more than just House colours for them. Like the green/gold Baron, yellow/black King Air, different coloured waves on the C172, blue-topped Mooney…

Maybe also consider said liveries (including the ones just released) to be an optional package download like the Aviator Club ones are. Saves diskspace etc for those who aren’t bothered by them and actively don’t want them there.

As an aside, totally forgot Kenmore are real - their livery looks ace on some of the bizjets :+1: