Expert Series I: ATR 42-600 / 72-600

Please use this thread to post your impressions and feedback about the ATR 42-600 / 72-600, available now from the in-sim Marketplace for USD $19.99. You can read more about this plane, the first in our Expert Series, here:

If you have any bugs related to this plane to report, please create a new thread in the Bug Reports & Wishlist section of the forum with the tag #atr-42 or #atr-72.


We have a PDF guide for the Throttle Configuration here:
ATR_Throttle_Calibration_Quick_Guide v2023_04_24.pdf (912.7 KB)

Update 2
Please find a list below of known issues. These will be addressed in a future update to the ATR 42-600 / 72-600.

  • Autopilot
    • While on an approach, selecting VNAV will not cause it to arm and trigger a descent.
    • VNAV cannot be coupled with approach mode (APP) to engage autopilot to fly a GPS glide slope. For example, while on a GPS approach flying on VPATH and then selecting APP mode, the aircraft will not descend via the GPS glidepath to minimums.
    • Approach holds (i.e. hold in lieu of turns) are departed after a full circuit. For example, when entering an approach via a hold the aircraft will enter the hold; however, upon turning inbound and crossing the fix the aircraft will continue for one lap in the hold instead of exiting the approach after crossing the fix.
  • Control Display Unit (CDU)
    • The sim may momentarily freeze when entering a flight plan.
  • Input
    • When using the Decrease Throttle command (B on the gamepad and F2 on the keyboard) the thrust levers can get stuck in Reverse. To get them unstuck, hold the Increase Throttle command (A on the gamepad and F3 on the keyboard) until the levers move forward.

Update 3
We have published a playlist of six Discovery Series videos for the ATR 72-600 to our YouTube channel. These videos were created by a real-world ATR pilot and cover the following topics:

  • Series Introduction
  • Aircraft Overview and Systems
  • Simulator Functionality
  • Cold and Dark Setup
  • Take Off & Climb
  • Cruise, Descent, Approach

You can find the playlist on our YouTube channel here:


Is there a manual for the ATR? I want to read it so that I can be assured that we don’t have to enter weights via the default payload manager. Say it ain’t so.


purchased !!!

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It seems many of us with the deluxe edition who bought the plane at release did not get the 30% discount others are getting, how can we claim the difference back?
I own the premium deluxe edition and the price of the plane was 19.99€ for me instead of 12.99€.


Hello @Hugothester,

The discount was not applied when the ATR first released to the Marketplace, but we caught the error and fixed it within five minutes. Please try restarting MSFS to see the discount properly applied.


Please see update here:


I know Seedy, but we already bought the plane without the discount because of that bug, should I request a refund and buy it again?


What should customers who bought before the price was corrected do ?


I think the fight for $7.00 is going to cost me more in frustration.

I think I’ll just eat the $7.00 and feel better knowing a couple of extra dollars will go towards the sim’s future development.


It shouldn’t be a fight, MS messed up, they KNOW they messed up and they should be making it right for affected customers without those customer needing to do anything.


It should be quite easy to accept a refund from those affected so we can just buy it again at the correct price. The premium deluxe edition has only brought me headaches, I bought it because of the airports and extra and “high fidelity” planes that came with it and now we are punished for buying early.

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I’m guessing that the manual will be hosted here, since that’s what usually happens. Most times, there seems to be a bit of a gap between when an aircraft releases and when the manual is uploaded

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It’s careless, just like forgetting to enable the SU13 release for users in beta program.


How do you ask for a refund? (Xbox user who purchased before the discount was “activated”)

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How about the freighter version, is it included as announced?


I asked for it in Steam, don’t know how to proceed until a mod explains the correct way to do so though

If you get a refund it will use up one of your two per year. I was denied a refund for the dc6 on Xbox because I’d used my two.

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Because who needs a manual when you’re first starting to fly a plane :wink:


Second this. We know there is a lot of POH available but we don’t know how much simulated it’s systems are, as well as some simulation features like the EFB. We need a proper documentation.


How did you request a refund? Through steam? I have never asked for one

I’m on Xbox and I went through a web page on my phone. Steam might be different as it’s an in game purchase isn’t it? Technically it should be granted automatically if you have used the game for less than two hours since buying the dlc but I’ve heard of that going wrong.