Explain Download Information

No major crisis, just curious:

I want to download Cityscape Sydney by Orbx. I see the download is available and it lists the following:
5 GIB (+4.96 GIB on disk)

What does the +4.96 GIB on disk mean. Am I getting the full download by downloading the 5GIB, or is there a disk involved as well?


I can only guess that it is:

  1. 5 GIB is just rounding it off. That is the download size in Gigabytes.
    ( the data being downloaded)
  2. +4.96 GIB is the actual size of disk space it will occupy after it
    has been downloaded
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Size is the actual size of the file in bytes. Size on disk is the actual amount of space being taken up on the disk. They differ because the disk is divided into tracks and sectors, and can allocate blocks of discrete size

You see this exact result if you right click on any file on your computer and select properties. You will see size and size on disk.

I hope that helps.

5Gb to download, installed is 5Gb + 4.96GB = 9.96Gb

Mine is actually 9.4Gb installed but maybe mine isn’t up to date at the moment.

Thanks, learn something every day.

Thanks, that was a good explanation.

Could be one of two things

It’s downloaded compressed, and doubles in size roughly on decompression/installation

It needs 4.96Gb of space to expand/install that is freed after installation.

Probably the former, given the precision.

Thanks for the reply. Every little bit of info helps to know the program better.