Exploring the Kamchatka Peninsula

I tried this once in P3D, even with ORBX Global and Vector installed, it wasn’t really that special. My next attempt was photoscenery for XP11, with even worse results; and it didn’t matter, whether I used Google, Bing, USA2 or anything else. It was all horrible. So I gave up on it. This is now my third attempt and it looks much better, although we still need an improved mesh. But I know that I complain here on a fairly high level.

We’ll start with real weather on the south-eastern side of the peninsula at Yelizovo, will fly along some nice mountain area and will land on its north-western side in Palana, a small settlement with a population of around 3,200 people.

But in such a remote location with a presumably poor satellite database, also MSFS is occasionally not free of a few glitches

Even at 500 ft it looks great

Above the small Palana airport

Also the village itself looks believable

Thanks for viewing


Good photos, had exploration on my own and was a bit disappointed with Geyser valley representation. Not even close to reality