Exploring the world in the Beechcraft Bonanza

Leg 184, Mount Ebenezer, Northern Territory 0872 to Onslow, Western Australia 6710, Australia

DAY02_22.PLN (9.6 KB)

A long flight over the outback, a lot more varied than I thought it was.

02-21 Mount Ebenezer YMBZ 3:25 PM
02-21 Angus Downs ANZ 3:38 PM Drone cam landing, max exposure
02-21 Curtin Springs YCSP 3:51 PM Mount Conner 25°29’46.2"S 131°53’59.9"E
02-21 Ayers Rock (Connelan) YAYE 4:14 PM Uluru 25°20’43"S 131°2’23"E
02-21 Kings Canyon YKCA 4:57 PM Gosses Bluff Crater 23°49’07.6"S 132°18’31.6"E
02-21 Narwietooma YNWT 5:34 PM
02-21 Papunya YPAY 5:49 PM
02-21 Mount Liebig YLBG 6:04 PM
02-21 Kintore YKNT 6:41 PM
02-21 Patjarr YPTJ 7:46 PM
02-21 Cotten Creek YCTC 9:04 PM
02-21 Rudal River YRUD 9:19 PM
02-21 Tracies Field YTCF 9:29 PM
02-21 Nifty YCNF 9:49 PM
02-21 Woodie Woodie YWWI 10:01 PM
02-21 Warrawagine YWWG 10:23 PM
02-21 Muccan Station YMUC 10:41 PM
02-21 Coongan YCOG 10:53 PM
02-21 Port Hedland Intl YPPD 11:18 PM
02-21 Mundabullangana YMDB 11:34 PM
02-21 Roebourne YROE 11:55 PM
02-22 Karratha YPKA 12:07 AM
02-22 Mardi Station YMDZ 12:29 AM
02-22 Barrow I YBWX 12:45 AM
02-22 Thevenard Island YTHV 1:05 AM
02-22 Onslow YOLW 1:16 AM

Flight time 9:51 25 stops

Leaving very early on a Sunday, max exposure drone cam to the rescue

Angus Down Airport before dawn, pitch black without the drone

Still some augmented exposure approaching Mount Conner

Mount Conner (2,818ft) flat top

Shaped like a horseshoe according to the description, I’m not really seeing it

Sun rise at Ayers Rock (Connelan) Airport, Ayers rock aka Uluru in the distance

Uluru, located in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and sacred to indigenous Australians

Quite a chunk of sandstone, it took 550 million years to turn into what it is today

There’s much more around here, for example Kata Tjuta - Valley of the winds

Also known as Mount Olga, Uluru visible at the horizon

Somewhere else over Petermann NT 0872

Lake Amadeus

A lot less water irl

Kings Canyon

Watarrka National Park

Pretty amazing at ground level

Over Mereenie NT 0872

Gosses Bluff Crater, millennia-old crater possibly caused by an asteroid hit

Also a sacred site to local indigenous people

From a local guide: The only place where the stories the Aborigines and the geologists tell are almost the same = it fell down from the sky

Over Namatjira NT 0872

Mount Zeil (5,023ft)

Mount Zeil region, NT 0872

Over Kunparrka

Mount Liebig (4,180ft) also an Aboriginal community with the same name

Lake Macdonald in the Gibson Desert

It’s a seasonal lake, pretty much dry most of the time


Patjarr Airport

Gibson Desert Nature Reserve

Little Sandy Desert, Western Australia 6646

I would call it the chromatic aberration desert

Probably from the lens used for the satellite pictures

An unknown (unlabelled) lake in Gibson Desert North

Cotten Creek Airport

Rudal River Airport

Tracies Field

Nifty Copper Mine. There are a lot of iron ore mines in the area as well.

Marble Bar, Western Australia 6760

Muccan Station

Port Hedland, made it to the West coast!

Redbank bridge lookout and Pretty Pool Park in Port Hedland

Sherlock, Western Australia 6714 along the Indian Ocean

Karratha in the Pilbara region of Western Australia

Thevenard island

A nature reserve nowadays

Last stop today in Onslow, just on the coast here, population 848. I’ll be heading South along the coast tomorrow.

Leg 185, Onslow to Perth, Western Australia, Australia

DAY02_23.PLN (11.6 KB)

02-22 Onslow YOLW 4:30 PM
02-22 Minderoo Station YMDR 4:38 PM Virtual vision landing
02-22 Yardie Homestead YDAA 5:01 PM
02-22 Exmouth YEXM 5:11 PM
02-22 Learmonth YPLM 5:18 PM
02-22 Giralia YGIR 5:35 PM
02-22 Cardabia Station Airstrip YCAA 5:56 PM
02-22 Coral Bay YCOY 5:59 PM
02-22 Warroora Homestead YWRR 6:08 PM
02-22 Warroora Station Airstrip YCAV 6:12 PM
02-22 Gnaraloo Station YGAR 6:26 PM
02-22 Canarvon YCAR 6:53 PM
02-22 Shark Bay YSHK 7:20 PM
02-22 Useless Loop YUSL 7:32 PM
02-22 Tamala YTML Skip, under water
02-22 Billabong Road House YBLB 8:14 PM
02-22 Murchison Shire YMSS 8:52 PM
Restart, memory usage spiking (over the empty desert…) 36 GB Ram committed
02-22 Murchison Shire YMSS 9:02 PM
02-22 Wooleen Homestead YWEE 9:12 PM Hard to spot, faded +60
02-22 Pia YPIX 9:21 PM
02-22 Murgoo YMGO 9:29 PM
02-22 Dalgaranga YDGR 9:48 PM
02-22 Dalgaranga Gold Mine YDGA 10:00 PM
02-22 Mount Magnet YMOG 10:16 PM
02-22 Golden Grove YGGE 10:37 PM
02-22 Rothsay Mine YROT 10:54 PM
02-22 Dalwallinu YDWU 11:15 PM
02-22 Ballidu YBIU 11:28 PM
02-22 Wongan Hills YWOH 11:38 PM
02-22 Catholic Agricultural College Bindoon Airstrip YBOO 11:52 PM
02-23 Chittering Airstrip YLOW 12:03 AM Short runway +46
02-23 Pearce YPEA 12:11 AM
02-23 Perth Intl YPPU 12:23 AM

Flight time 7:43 31 stops

Departing from Onslow ahead of dawn

Mindaroo station

Yardie Homestead

Exmouth Airport near North West Cape

Sunrise of Exmouth Gulf

Over Lyndon near Camp 14 Mile Beach

Camping Ozzie style

Coral Bay Airport

Beautiful area, needs some proper water masks

Shark Bay Salt works at Useless Loop

Shark Bay, known for its islands, diverse wildlife, seagrass & rare mineral deposits

Tamala Airport, err

It exists, flooded by eternal high tide

Wooleen Homestead

Dalgaranga Gold Project, lot of gold around here

Ex Karara Rothsay WA 6620

Rothsay Mine

The Coonderoo river

At Ballidu

Part of Damboring Nature reserve

It’s unfortunate the water polygons cover up all the multi colored (mostly dry) seasonal lakes

Final stop today in Perth on the west coast

The capital of Western Australia at the mouth of the Swan River

The Bell tower on the right where you can ring the bells if you like

Surely much appreciated by the people living around it :slight_smile:

Freemantle prison, partly turned into an art gallery with guided tours around the prison

Or you can visit the Shipwrecks Museum in an 1850’s commissariat building

Incredible museum telling about the historic ship battles fought around Perth

A couple gold mines to visit tomorrow, I wonder what the Super pit looks like in FS2020

Leg 186, Perth to Eucla, Western Australia, Australia

DAY02_24.PLN (10.6 KB)

Australia in a nutshell, fly for 9 hours, still in the same state

02-23 Perth Intl YPPU 4:54 PM
02-23 Langley Park Airstrip YEAA 4:58 PM
02-23 Rottnest I YRTI 5:08 PM
02-23 Garden I YGAD 5:18 PM Short Runway
02-23 Serpentine YSEN 5:29 PM
02-23 Murray Field YMUL 5:37 PM
02-23 Pinjarra North Airstrip YPIJ 5:28 PM
02-23 Dwellingup Airstrip YPII 5:54 PM Newmont Boddington gold mine 32°45’33.3"S 116°21’14.3"E
02-23 Narrogin YNRG 6:20 PM
02-23 Wagin YWGN 6:34 PM
02-23 Kojonup YKOJ 6:48 PM
02-23 Frankland Valley YKOO 7:05 PM
02-23 Frankland YFRK 7:12 PM Faded runway
02-23 Cranbrook YCRN 7:25 PM
02-23 Albany YABA 7:49 PM
02-23 Bremer Bay YRAA 8:23 PM
02-23 Hopetoun YHPE 8:46 PM
02-23 Ravensthorpe YNRV 8:53 PM
02-23 NorseMan YNSM 9:47 PM
02-23 Kambalda YKBL 10:18 PM
02-23 Kalgoorlie-Boulder YPKG 10:35 PM Fimiston Open Pit (Super pit) 30°46’39.6"S 121°30’20.1"E
02-23 Coonana YCNN 11:20 PM
02-23 Zanthus YZAN 11:32 PM
02-24 Kanandah YKAN 12:02 AM
02-24 Rawlinna Station YRWA 12:14 AM
02-24 Rawlinna YRAW 12:20 AM
02-24 Haig YHAG 12:39 AM
02-24 Forrest YFRT 1:21 AM
02-24 Eucla YECL 1:51 AM

Flight time 8:57 28 stops

Langley Park Airstrip in Perth at dawn

Sunrise over Perth

Rottnest Island, home to the quokka, a small wallaby-like marsupial

Garden Island, home to a naval base

Serpentine Airport

Christmas creek, or rather lake thanks to South Dandalup Dam

Dwellingup Airstrip

Newmont Boddington gold mine (and copper mine as well)

Since 2016 the largest gold mine in Australia

Balicup Lake Nature Reserve

There are lots of these little lakes around Western Australia

Mostly dry though, seasonal lakes

Jebarjup Nature Reserve

Reef Beach, Bremer Bay WA 6338

Ravensthorpe Airport

North Cascade Seasonal Lake

Norseman on Lake Cowan

Another seasonal lake, Norseman Aerodrome

Lake Cowan


Lake Lefroy

Kambalda Airport

Kalgoorlie-Boulder with the super pit on the right

Fimiston open pit gold mine (The super pit) previously the largest gold mine in Australia

(Right on a boundary of mismatched scenery tiles, hence a picture of one corner)

Opened 1893, 3.5 km x 1.5 km and 1,180 ft deep producing 850,000oz each year

Expected to remain operational until 2035

A fly by in a real plane

Emu Flat

Coonana Airport and train station on the Trans-Australia Railway

Kanandah Airport further along the railway

Haig Airport and train station

This goes on and on, longest straight railway section in the world, 478km without any turns

Forest Airport and train station

Ending the day on the coast in Eucla, leaving the railway for a while

Eucla Jetty and high cliffs further along the coast

Further east tomorrow, towards Melbourne and Tasmania

Leg 187, Eucla, Western Australia to Mount Gambier, South Australia, Australia

DAY02_25.PLN (12.6 KB)

Into Victoria today, gold rush country. Unfortunately map quality is pretty poor around here but I still found the place where the biggest ever gold nugget was found.

02-24 Eucla YECL 4:18 PM
02-24 Border Village YBOV 4:21 PM
02-24 Ceduna YCEU 4:30 PM
02-24 Cook YOOK 5:00 PM
02-24 Ooldea YODA 5:30 PM
02-24 Barton Siding YBTN 5:51 PM
02-24 Ceduna YCDU 6:35 PM
02-24 Streaky Bay YKBY 6:57 PM
02-24 Elliston YELN 7:24 PM
02-24 Cummins YCUM 7:52 PM
02-24 Port Lincoln YPLC 8:02 PM
02-24 Thistle Island YTHI 8:16 PM
02-24 Port Lincoln YWGI 8:26 PM
02-24 Althorpe Lighthouse Airstrip YHON 8:40 PM
02-24 Rocky River YROK 8:57 PM
02-24 Parndana YPDA 9:11 PM
02-24 Kingscote YKSC 9:20 PM
02-24 Penneshaw YPSH 9:32 PM
02-24 Aldinga YADG 9:48 PM
02-24 Huntfield Airfield YNOA 9:54 PM
02-24 Adelaide Intl YPAD 10:14 PM
02-24 Murray Bridge YMBD 10:32 PM
02-24 Sherlock Ultralight Airfield YTAI 10:44 PM Short runway
02-24 Tintinara YTIN 11:04 PM
02-24 Cooranga YCNG 11:30 PM
02-24 Lucindale YLUI 11:37 PM
02-24 Edenhope YEDE 11:52 PM
02-25 Horsham YHSM 12:10 AM
02-25 Donald YDOD 12:28 AM
02-25 Bridgewater YBGR 12:48 AM Welcome Stranger 36°45’39.5"S 143°39’07.2"E
02-25 Navarre YNVE 1:06 AM
02-25 Stawell YSWL 1:17 AM
02-25 Pomonal Airstrip YSTE 1:25 AM
02-25 Hamilton Aero YHML 1:41 AM
02-25 Mount Gambier YMTG 2:07 AM

Flight time 9:49 34 stops

Departing from Eucla at sunrise

Border village on the border between Westernand South Australia

And I’m back on the Trans Australia Railway

Cook Train Station and Airport in Nullarbor

Pretty much a ghost town nowadays

Ooldea Train Station, end of the straight railway line section

Barton Siding

Diversion to the coast, Ceduna

Small town on the Great Australian Bight

Elliston on the west coast of Eyre Peninsula around Waterloo Bay

More high cliffs

Point Drummond at Mount Hope

Thistle Island

Althorpe Lighthouse Airstrip, fun place to land

Althorpe Islands Conversation Park

Sheidow Creek South side of Adelaide

Boral Quarries

Morphettville racecourse and Adelaide Airport

Adelaide, South Australia’s cosmopolitan coastal capital

South Australian Museum and Art gallery of South Australia

Near Donald, Victoria 3480

Kooyoora State Park


Is that a reference to https://twitter.com/ruddthedud1 ?

Found it, the “Welcome Stranger” monument

As seen on Gold Rush, Parker’s trail

Next to Gold Rush we also get Aussie Gold Hunters aka The Dirt Dogs here, great show

Mount William

Hamilton Aero

And final stop today in Mount Gambier

Known for its blue lake and Umpherston Sinkhole turned into a garden in 1886

And the Engelbrecht cave

Great for diving

Tomorrow Melbourne and Tasmania.

Leg 188, Mount Gambier, South Australia to Triabunna, Tasmania, Australia

DAY02_26.PLN (13.2 KB)

Tasmania is amazing! A few weeks ago I didn’t even think it was a real location, just something from Loony tunes, the Tasmanian devil. Which is real as well, and ugly. I prefer the cartoon version.

02-25 Mount Gambier YMTG 4:06 PM Server issues, disconnected/connected repeating
02-25 Portland YPOD 4:25 PM
02-25 Port Fairy YPOO 4:42 PM
02-25 King I YKII 5:26 PM
02-25 Apollo Bay YAPO 5:58 PM
02-25 Anglesea YANE 6:15 PM
02-25 Lethbridge Airpark YLED 6:25 PM
02-25 Bacchus Marsh YBSS 6:37 PM
02-25 Melton YMEL 6:46 PM
02-25 Melbourne Intl YMML 6:55 PM
02-25 Essendon YMEN 7:03 PM Bad performance, manipulators thread
02-25 Moorabbin YMMB 7:15 PM
02-25 Tooradin YTDN 7:25 PM
02-25 Leongatha YLEG 7:38 PM
02-25 Welshpool WHL 7:51 PM
02-25 Killiecrankie YKCK 8:30 PM
02-25 Flinders I YFLI 8:40 PM
02-25 Lady Barron (Flinders Is) YLDB 8:49 PM
02-25 Cape Barren Island YCBN 8:59 PM
02-25 Clarke Island YCKD 9:29 PM
02-25 Boobyalla Airfield YSCC 9:25 PM
02-25 Bridport YBDP 9:37 PM
02-25 Georgetown (Tas) YGTO 9:48 PM
02-25 Devonport YDPO 10:00 PM
02-25 Warratah YWRT 10:22 PM
02-25 Zeehan YZHN 10:37 PM
02-25 Strahan YSRN 10:49 PM
02-25 Queenstown YQUN 11:06 PM
02-25 Bathurst Harbour YBHB 11:27 PM
02-25 Glendevie YGVE 11:43 PM
02-25 Bruny Island YBYI 11:52 PM
02-26 Sandfly YSFY Hobart 12:05 PM 42°52’52"S, 147°20’0"E PG Area Sailing
02-26 Cambridge YCBG 12:24 PM
02-26 Hobart YMHB 12:27 PM
02-26 Lagoon Bay YLAG 12:41 PM
02-26 Darlington YDAR 12:54 PM Unclear Runway
02-26 Triabunna YTUA 1:03 PM Faded Runway Trees in the way

Flight time 8:57 36 stops

Departing from Mount Gambier

Discovery Bay Coast Park

Bridgewater blowholes and petrified forest

Portland, Victoria 3305

Port Fairy Airport along Belfast Lough

King Island in between the mainland and the main island of Tasmania, in the middle of the Bass Strait

Sea Elephant Conservation Area

Rocky Point

Apollo Bay back on the mainland

Cozy little airport

Lethbridge Airpark

Melbourne International Airport

Essendon Airport or Essendon Fields as it says there

Melbourne, the coastal capital of the southeastern Australian state of Victoria

Build around the Yarra river, Flinders street station down there

Flinders street station on the right

Melbourne Art Center

Moorabbin Airport next to Capital golf course

Cranbourne racecourse

Horse races look to be popular around here

Korumburra out the left window

Toora North

Killiecrankie Nature Recreation Area on Flinders island, Tasmania

Killiecrankie Airport

Heading South over Flinders island

Flinders I Airport

Clarke Island Airport. I couldn’t find it at first, hidden behind a forested ridge

Clarke Island with Ca[e Barren Island behind

Boobyalla Beach in Rushy Lagoon, Tasmania (main island)

George Town in north-east Tasmania, at the mouth of the Tamar River

Shearwater on the north coast of Tasmania

Over Sprent

Huskisson river

Huskisson River Forest Reserve

Zeehan on the west coast of Tasmania

Strahan, former port now tourist destination

Macquarie Heads

Macquarie Harbour

Southwest Conservation Area

Queenstown (TAS) Airport

From the other side

Joe Page Bay

Horseshoe Creek

Glendevie, Huon Valley in the South-east region of Tasmania

Glendevie Airport on the top of a hill

Lodge Bay

Kettering on the d’Entrecasteaux Channel opposite Bruny Island

Sandfly Airport

Sandy Bay with Wrest Point Hotel Casino

Hobart on Sandy Bay and River Derwent

The royal yacht club of Tasmania on the right

Sailing World Championships are held here

Leaving Hobart after a look at the rest of the photogrammetry area, Nyrstar Hobart Smelter

Africa Gully Nature Reserve

Boomer Bay with water masks! First time I see those

Marion Beach on Little Chinaman Bay

Shoal Bay with Goldings Reef

Goldings Reef

Final stop for today in Triabunna, mind the trees while landing here

That concludes my tour of Australia, on to New Zealand tomorrow. Actually I’ve already been flying over Lord of the rings country for a couple hours and it’s pretty amazing!

Leg 189, Triabunna, Tasmania, Australia to Murchison, New Zealand

DAY02_27.PLN (12.9 KB)

This is going to be a long post, 16 hour flight, New Zealand is awesome.

02-26 Triabunna YTUA 9:01 AM 883nm Red eye flight, 7.5K ft 16% mixture
M16% FL75 44F IAS 116 TAS 132 GS 126 857.0nm 40.00 gallons rt
16% FL75 44F IAS 105 TAS 118 GS 107 483.0nm 22.10 gallons rt 20.9 nmpg clouds slowing down
17% FL75 44F IAS 115 TAS 129 GS 119 474.0nm 36.88 gallons lt
17% FL90 38F IAS 128 TAS 147 GS 136 380.0nm 31.13 gallons lt 16.3 nmpg
18% FL90 38F IAS 134 TAS 154 GS 144 371.0nm 30.55 gallons lt
18% FL90 37F IAS 134 TAS 154 GS 144 294.0nm 25.58 gallons lt 15.5 nmpg
19% FL90 37F IAS 137 TAS 161 GS 151 286.0nm 25.01 gallons lt
19% FL90 37F IAS 123 TAS 141 GS 140 191.0nm 18.00 gallons lt 13.6 nmpg clouds slowing down
20% FL90 37F IAS 125 TAS 144 GS 143 180.0nm 21.54 gallons rt
20% FL90 37F IAS 125 TAS 143 GS 141 68.0nm 12.24 gallons rt 12.0 nmpg clouds slowing down
02-26 Center Island Airstrip NZRV 3:51 PM Fuel used 55.36 gallons
02-26 Invercargill NZNV 4:01 PM
02-26 Centre Bush Aerodrome NZCB 4:11 PM Unclear runway
02-26 Gore NZGC 4:24 PM
02-26 Balclutha Aerodrome NZBA 4:40 PM
02-26 Dunedin NZDN 4:54 PM
02-26 Taieri NZTI 5:01 PM
02-26 Oamaru NZOU 5:27 PM Tower in the way
02-26 Waimate NZWM 5:35 PM
02-26 Glenshe Airstrip NZOR 5:51 PM
02-26 Oamaru NZOB 5:57 PM
02-26 Alexandra NZLX 6:13 PM
02-26 Cromwell Racecourse Aerodrome NZCS 6:24 PM
02-26 Queenstown NZQT 6:38 PM
02-26 Queenstown NZQN * 6:43 PM
02-26 Manapouri NZMO 7:10 PM
02-26 Te Anau NZTZ 7:16 PM
02-26 Milford Sound NZMF 7:47 PM
02-26 Martins Bay Aerodrome NZMJ 8:03 PM
02-26 Makarora Airstrip NZMW 8:33 PM
02-26 Pukaki NZUK 9:02 PM Landed on lonely straight road first, wrong ‘runway’
02-26 Glentanner NZGT 9:16 PM
02-26 Mount Cook NZMC 9:24 PM
02-26 Franz Josef Aerodrome NZFJ 9:46 PM
02-26 Hokitika NZHO 9:54 PM
02-26 Manuka Point Lodge Airstrip NZMN 10:29 PM
02-26 Darfield NZDF 10:45 PM Unclear runway
02-26 West Melton Aerodrome NZWL 10:58 PM
02-26 Worthy Lodge Airstrip (Ladbrooks) NZLI 11:08 PM Banks Peninsula 43°46’49.1"S 172°56’09.3"E
02-26 Christchurch Intl NZCH 11:43 PM
02-26 Woodend NZWJ 11:53 PM Unclear runway
02-27 Oxford NZOF 12:05 AM
02-27 Lake Haupiri / Gloriavale Christian Community NZGE 12:33 AM Tree at end of runway
02-27 Hanmer Springs NZHR 12:57 AM
02-27 Murchison NZMR 1:18 AM

Flight time 16:17 35 stops

Departure from Triabunna, 11 PM local time

Off to New Zealand, bye bye Australia

The moon is out keeping me company

Climbing to 7,500 ft cruising altitude

Reduced the mixture to 16% before leaving the plane to fend for itself, slow and steady

Cruising at IAS 126, TAS 132, GS 126, bit of a headwind

Coming back 3 hours later the clouds have risen a bit, creating turbulence which slowed my plane down to IAS 105, TAS 118, GS 107, stronger headwind as well. The plane has been running at nearly 21 nautical miles per gallon, saving far more than needed.

Increased the mixture to 17%, speeding up to IAS 124, TAS 139, GS 128

Also climbing to 9,000 ft to stay above the clouds, but still low enough to avoid icing (37F outside)

The moon is sinking below the clouds, luckily dawn is already approaching

At 17% mixture the plane managed 16.3 nautical miles per gallon and sped up to GS 136 above the clouds. Might as well take the opportunity to measure higher mixture rates.

18% mixture gives me IAS 134, TAS 154, GS 144

Sunrise should be soon now

Somewhere behind the clouds, I’m flying between two layers

As long as I’m not in a cloud, I’m moving fine, staying at 9,000ft

18% mixture brought the fuel economy down to 15.5 nautical miles per gallon
19% next, speeding up to IAS 140, TAS 161, GS 151

Amazing to fly through here, but it’s getting a bit cramped

Sun spotted for a minute

It looks to be clearing up a little bit

Nice warm sunshine

19% mixture lowered the fuel economy to 13.6 nautical miles per gallon. The clouds created turbulence slowing me down to IAS 123, TAS 141, GS 140. The headwind is pretty much gone though.

Final stretch at 20% fuel mixture, IAS 125, TAS 144, GS 143

The clouds go all the way down and higher is no option, 1c less and my plane will ice up

There are stretches where the clouds are a bit lower, beautiful sights

20% fuel mixture resulted in 12.0 nautical miles per gallon, now it’s time to start my descent

Approaching Stewart Island, New Zealand

Stewart Island, aka Center Island in the game

Also known as Raratoka Island, tiny landing strip after such a long flight!

Safe landing, 6h 50 flight time, 883nm traveled, 55.36 gallons used

Over all 16.0 nmpg at average 129 knots ground speed

Invercargill Airport, proper landfall on New Zealand

Off to explore the country, Dunsdale Recreational Reserve

Bushy Beach Scenic Reserve at Oamaru, the largest town in North Otago

Home to the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony and Steam Punk HQ, niche museum

Oamaru Airport is ‘interesting’

Flying over Kyeburn Diggings

Mount Kyeburn


Moa Creek, putting Archimedes and fractions to work in farming

Cromwell ahead, located in the Otago region of New Zealand

Cromwell Racecourse Aerodrome, more horse racing

Lake Wakatipu near Queenstown

Cecil Peak

Queenstown, the adventure capital, set against the Southern Alps

Queenstown Airport, one of the star airports in the game

Many scenes from the Lord of the Rings were filmed around Queenstown

Here’s a handy map with all the movie locations

Flying out along Table Bay

Following Lake Te Anau into Fjordland

Fjordland also provided plenty backdrops for LotR

And is totally awesome to fly through

Reminds me of the fun I had in Norway, with more trees

The weather adding to the danger

3D vision display essential with zero visibility in between

From one fjord to the next

To arrive at a mostly frozen Milford Sound

To the west coast, Jamestown on Martins Bay

Martins Bay Aerodrome, landing path cut out in the forest

Back into Fjordland

Following Wilkins river

Approaching Makarora

Makarora, a small community within the Queenstown-Lakes District

Makarora Airstrip next to the Makarora river

Going a bit higher next over Hunter Valley

Amazing mountains in New Zealand!

Hunter river flowing into Lake Hāwea

Lake Hāwea in the opposite direction

Mount Sutton 6,585ft

Lake Pukaki

Glentanner Aiport, ice flowing into the lake

Mount Cook Airport with Mount Cook ahead, the highest mountain in New Zealand (12,218ft)

Tasman Lake

Aoraki / Mount Cook National Park

Waiho River on the west coast

Franz Josef Aerodrome

Ōkārito, small coastal settlement on the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island

Following the Perth river next

The Warrior Mountain Peak (11,273ft)

Newton Peak (2,113ft) and the Rakaia river

Rolleston Range

Turning around to land at Manuka Point Lodge

Manuka Point Lodge Airstrip

Ben More Mountain Peak (6,338ft)

Heading out east to Akaroa Harbour on Banks Peninsula

Ōnawe Peninsula inside Akaroa Harbour, an ancient vulcanic plug

Banks Peninsula, Otepatotu Scenic Reserve on the right

Oxford Airport, back on the mainland

Lees Valley

Grey Hill (6,053ft) in Arthur’s Pass National Park

Mount Turnbull (2,788ft)

Arthur’s Pass National Park

Otira Stagecoach Hotel in the middle with Gollum on the roof

Lake Haupiri Airport

Mount Longfellow (6,227ft)

Mons Sex Millia (6,020ft)

Waiau River, Canterbury

Mount Clara (6,381ft)

Nelson Lakes National Park

And final stop at Murchison on the northwest side of the South Island

What an incredible flight, New Zealand is the place to explore. Exhausted., but totally awesome. New Zealand has the total package to make FS2020 shine.

I’ve tried catching up to you and see where you on the world map, but when I go where you are suppose to be I cannot see you. You must be flying Cloaked. I can see you when I set you as a Departure which is the only option I get on the world map. I am also on the same server as you are, but when I try to go there and fly next to you, you are no where to be seen.

You must have some setup option set to not allow others to see you. Now I can see that you west of NZGS (Gisborne) but when I fly to where you are reported to be at, I can’t see you.

Take a look, I would like to join you from time to time and fly with you.

I don’t have multiplayer enabled! No name tags in my screenshots :smiley:

Actually I don’t know how to turn it on, it’s set to on when I look in Options → Data. But that says live traffic is on as well and I’m certain I turned that off long ago.

Well. I’m flying very close to you. Maybe you have to go to General, Show Traffic Name Plates on to see me. flying at 7700 Feet.

I see LINJIAMING flying in front of me on a DR40. Now I also see ScrambleMilk in front of me.

Now steady at 8500 on AP. Flying TBM 930, Heading 302.

I’m at 4,000 ft heading to NZGS atm. I put the name plates on but don’t see anything. I’ve never seen another player actually. I have seen live traffic, but turned it off when it was causing issues.

I always assumed I was flying in empty places, although in Europe I would have seen someone hen I still had traffic on.

I will head and land in NZGS. Headed there now. Had to set FMS up.

I see you no, had to reload from the world map

Yes, that’s me. I assume, close to ground level for airport. At 3700 now. Will land in 32 or 14. Okay, now I see you behind me. I paused for a bit. Also slowing down.

Landing on 32.

Still can’t see me? I see more and more name tags now. Currently 5 minutes out from NZRO, then heading to NTZG

I was having a hard time finding the airport, but flying over it now. I do see you. Have to do a 180 to land.

On final now.

Landed. At end of 32. Don’t see you now. Ready to take a photo of you landing.

I did get a phot but it was from far.

I’m at NZGS. I did see you for a while but not now, but I guess you are headed for a different airport now.

It was great catching up to you. I will try again some other time. Getting past my bedtime. Catch you later.

Got a a few shots, but not too great.

Finally got a decent one. I should tale the names plates off to look better.

Fun stun flying for a bit. The engine upgrade back in December made the Bonanza very powerful.

Good to see, multiplayer works, I can see your plane. Time for me to quit, I was wheels up about 12 hours ago!

Yea, I did a bit of flying myself. Good Night. Catch you some other time! It was great catching up with you!!

That is a great photo you took, from inside your plane, of me!!

Leg 190, Murchison, South Island via the Chatham Islands to Tauranga, North Island, New Zealand

DAY02_28.PLN (10.1 KB)

A lot more sights of New Zealand, beautiful country

02-27 Murchison NZMR 12:58 PM
02-27 Lake Station / Nelson Lakes NZLE 1:07 PM
02-27 Nelson NZNS 1:20 PM
02-27 Woodbourne (Military) NZWB 1:36 PM
02-27 Omaka NZOM 1:39 PM
02-27 Cape Campbell Airstrip NZBL 1:50 PM 426nm next
02-27 Chatham Is/Tuuta NZCI 4:31 PM 368nm next Pitt Island 44°16’59.9"S 176°13’02.1"W
02-27 Flat Point Aerodrome NZFT 6:58 PM Short runway
02-27 Martinborough NZMT 7:10 PM
02-27 Wellington Intl NZWN 7:33 PM Capital
02-27 Paraparaumu NZPP 7:52 PM
02-27 Otaki NZOT 8:01 PM Tree at end of runway
02-27 Alfredton NZAN 8:19 PM Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu 40°20’19.7"S 176°35’13.3"E
02-27 Porangahau Aerodrome NZPO 8:45 PM Unclear runway
02-27 Waipukurau NZYP 8:54 PM Faded runway
02-27 Kowhai Aerodrome NZKY 9:02 PM
02-27 Hastings NZHS 9:13 PM
02-27 Napier NZNR 9:20 PM
02-27 Waiouru NZRU 9:42 PM Mt Ruapehu 39°17’02.4"S 175°33’56.9"E Mt Ngauruhoe Mt Doom 39°09’27.0"S 175°37’55.7"E
02-27 Stratford NZSD 10:24 PM Mt Taranaki 39°17’55.0"S 174°03’48.9"E
02-27 New Plymouth NZNP 10:42 PM
02-27 Taumarunui NZTM 11:05 PM
02-27 Taupo NZAP 11:22 PM
02-27 Gisborne NZGS 11:54 AM
02-28 Opotiki NZOP 12:15 AM
02-28 Whakatane NZWK 12:22 AM
02-28 Rotorua NZRO 12:33 AM
02-28 Tauranga NZTG 12:45 AM

Flight time 11:43 27 stops

Early departure from Murchison

Over Tutaki looking for the sunrise

Howard, north of lake Rotoroa

Sunrise over Atapo

Eighty Eight Valley


Nelson Airport

Over the Coppermine Trail

Te Hoiere River

Mount Fishtail (5,390ft)

Wairau River

Blenheim, gateway to the wineries of the Wairau Valley

Cape Campbell

Cape Campbell Lighthouse, reminds me of Dear Esther

Setting off to Chatham Islands

Good time for a break, let autopilot do the work for the next 2.5 hours

Chatham Island in the South Pacific, about 500km east of New Zealand

Henga Scenic Reserve

Chatham Is / Tuuta Airport

Beautiful, very remote place

Flying over the Wanga Lagoon

South East Island (Rangatira) and Pitt Island (Rangiauria) behind

Pitt Island (Rangiauria)

After another auto pilot break, back to New Zealand, Flat Point

Admiral Hill on the Wainuioru river


Lake Wairarapa

Alsops Bay at the other end of the lake

Approaching Wellington over Wainuiomata Golf Club

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand

Wellington International Airport between the Cook Strait and Evens Bay

Wellington Cable Car, Massey Memorial and the view from Fort Ballance

A peek in the Museum of New Zealand

Gilberd Bush Reserve

Porirua Harbour

Paekākāriki on the Kapiti Coast

Otaki Airport

Climbing up Pukeamoamo / Mitre Mountain

Pukeamoamo / Mitre Mountain Peak (5,154ft)

Over Tiraumea


Meaning: The hill on which Tamatea, the chief of great physical stature and renown, played a lament on his flute to the memory of his brother

Kowhai Aerodrome

Napier on Hawke Bay

Home to The National Aquarium of New Zealand


Mount Ruapehu (9,177ft) largest active volcano in New Zealand, last eruption September 2007

Mount Ngauruhoe (7,516ft) last eruption in 1977

This is the youngest vent in the Tongariro volcanic complex (2,500 years)

Better known nowadays as Mount Doom, the atmospheric location of Mordor

Flying over Makahu

Makahu Tunnel on Brewer road. There are a couple of these narrow pioneer tunnels around here

Stratford in front of Mount Taranaki

Mount Taranaki is surrounded by a protected forest reserve

Mount Taranaki (8,261ft) last erupted in 1885

Climbing high to see the circle of forest around Taranaki





Taumarunui Airport

Taupo, near the center of New Zealand’s North Island on lake Taupo formed by Taupo Volcano

Along the lake near Taupo, Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings

Whirinaki Forest Park

Lake Waikareiti


Bay of Plenty

Otumarokuro Bay

Lake Rotoiti

Rotorua on lake Roturua,

Renowned for its geothermal activity and Maori culture

Mokoia island in the middle of the lake formed inside the Rotorua caldera

Final stop today in Tauranga, harbourside city in the Bay of Plenty region

After landing here I slew back to Gisborne to meet up with CAPTAINAS007 and try some stunt flying. My fps was down to less than 10fps unfortunately. Turning multiplayer on, the fog rolling in, I guess my laptop had had enough after 12 hours running. Memory was so fragmented I took about 10 minutes for FS2020 to unload afterwards.

Fun meeting up, multiplayer works, see the posts above. Although the planes I saw kept fading in and out. Name tags were persistent and more and more showed up. A button to toggle them on and off would be very helpful instead of going through the menus.

Tomorrow, exploring the rest of New Zealand and then heading to New Caledonia.

Leg 191, Tauranga, New Zealand via Norfolk Island and New Caladonia to Lenakel, Tanna, Vanuatu

DAY03_01.PLN (11.4 KB)

Soggy Sunday. I had a good run on the trails ahead of the rain when the ground was still (re)frozen, then it was time for a long afternoon and evening flying. Rest of New Zealand first, then a couple autopilot breaks to explore New Caledonia in the evening.

02-28 Tauranga NZTG 12:51 PM
02-28 Matakana Island NZMZ 12:55 PM Drone cam assisted landing
02-28 Matamata NZMA 1:07 PM Hobbiton 37°51’30.1"S 175°40’49.7"E
02-28 Hamilton NZHN 1:24 PM
02-28 Raglan NZRA 1:33 PM
02-28 Limestone Downs NZLD 1:44 PM
02-28 Auckland Intl NZAA 1:58 PM
02-28 Reeve NZKE 2:11 PM
02-28 Coromandel NZCX 2:23 PM
02-28 Matarangi NZAG 2:28 PM
02-28 Great Barrier NZGB 2:44 PM
02-28 Okiwi Station NZOX 2:49 PM
02-28 Motu Kaikoura Island Aerodrome NZKD 2:54 PM
02-28 Springhill NZSL 3:11 PM
02-28 Ruawai Aerodrome NZRW 3:26 PM
02-28 Dargaville NZDA 3:32 PM
02-28 Whangarei NZWR 3:42 PM Cape Brett Lighthouse 35°10’31"S, 174°19’57"E
02-28 Kerikeri NZKK 4:14 PM
02-28 Kaitaia NZKT 4:29 PM 452nm next
02-28 Norfolk Island Intl YSNF 7:10 PM 388nm next
02-28 Moue NWWE 9:28 PM
02-28 Plaine des Lacs NWWS 9:44 PM
02-28 Magenta NWWM Noumea Capital 9:59 PM
02-28 Dumbea NWDU 10:04 PM
02-28 Yate-Barrage NWYA 10:14 PM
02-28 Canala NWWX 10:33 PM
02-28 Poe NWWB 10:48 PM
02-28 Mueo NWWQ 10:59 PM
02-28 Touho NWWU 11:14 PM
02-28 Koumac NWWK 11:36 PM
02-28 Poum Malabou NWWP 11:47 PM 295nm next
03-01 Lenakel NVVK 1:38 AM

Flight time 12:47 31 stops

Early departure from Tauranga

A little exposure boost needed while approaching Matakane island

Flying over Tauranga harbour at dawn

Approaching Matamata

Matamata Airport

Sunrise over Waharoa

Hobbiton, located between Hamilton and Tauranga, now a tourist attraction

The Green Dragon Inn on “The water”

The water and Bog Shot Row on the right

Tawatahi river flowing out into the Tasman Sea

Te Akau

Limestone Downs Airport

Pretty views from the runway

Waikato River

Auckland International Airport

Auckland, based around 2 large harbours between the Tasman Sea and South Pacific Ocean

Auckland Sky Tower (the tall black tower above) and Mount Roskill

Waiheke Island Aerodrome, follow the light

Coromandel Pensinsula

Great Barrier Island

Landing at Great Barrier Aerodrome, approach over Kaitoke Beach

Motu Kaikoura Island Aerodrome

Pakiri Beach and Regional Park on the right side

Over Whangaripo

Atiu Creek Regional Park

Dargaville along the Wairoa River

Near Omana

Whangaruru North

Cape Brett

Cape Brett Lighthouse, possibly the smallest landmark in the game, can you spot it in the shot above?

Here it is

Kaitaia Airport

Cape Reinga, the northern tip of New Zealand

Climbing to 7,500ft cruising altitude while waving New Zealand goodbye

2.5 hours later, Norfolk Island (Australian) with the tiny Napean Island in front

Some funny guy added “The World`s End Cafe” on Napean Island on Google maps. The island is just a piece of rock with some grass on top. It has 15 reviews, popular spot.

My visit was slightly marred by the shark bite received whilst swimming to the island. The staff were extra helpful when I crawled in pale as a ghost from the blood loss. Thankfully, the cook is O- and thus a universal donor so a blood transfusion was soon organised using one of the booths as a makeshift ER. After an hour I perked up enough to order a cup of tea and a piece of the lemon slice. The tea was lovely, but the slice was a bit dry, otherwise I would have given them 5 stars. (Local Guide)

Emily Bay on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island International Airport

Pretty place, Lone Pine at Emily Bay and Norfolk Island National Park

Although, Slaughter Bay, Bloody Bridge, Cemetary bay, maybe not so pretty

Another 2 hours of water later, Isle of Pines, New Caledonia (French Territory)

Turning to the airport over the Coral Sea

Moué - Île des Pins Airport

Views of Natural Pool with a carving on Plage de Kuto in between

Flying over the Coral Sea towards the main island, Grand Terre

Lovely water masking, so randomly located though

Bay Boulari

Noumea, the capital of New Caledonia on the south west side of Grand Terre

Lovely beaches of course

Tjibaou Culturul Center, where Knack came from!

A peak inside Musée de Nouvelle Calédonie

Aérodrome de Nakutakoin, approach over Dumbéa River

Canala Bay, East/North side of Grand Terre

Aérodrome de Poé, South/West side of Grand Terre along Plateau de Poé

Unfortunately water masks are missing here, Plateau de Poé

Col de Ga Wivaek

Malabou Airport, last stop in New Caledonia

Some Netflix later (Money Heist) Tanna Island, Vanuatu

Last stop for today, Tagabe Airport at Lenakel

Tanna island is home to an active volcano, Mount Yasur and the lovely Blue Cave

Here’s Mount Yasur in the opening of Survivor Vanuatu, 2007

The actual survivor camp was on Efate island, will visit tomorrow.

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Leg 192, Lenakel, Tanna, Vanuatu to Rotuma, Fiji

DAY03_02.PLN (6.1 KB)

The problem with paradise is, no good aerial data. If I was running a survey plane I would park it on the beach as well and go for a swim instead! Still plenty interesting things to see along the way.

03-01 Lenakel NVVK 5:36 PM
03-01 Ipota NVVI 5:55 PM
03-01 Isangel NVIS 6:01 PM
03-01 Dillon’s Bay NVVD 6:07 PM Port Villa Capital 17°44’49.8"S 168°19’12.9"E
03-01 Port Villa Intl 17°41’57.6"S 168°19’10.6"E 6:38 PM Survivor 17°39’16.8"S 168°11’16.0"E
03-01 Valesdir NVSV 7:06 PM
03-01 Lamen Bay NVSM 7:21 PM Ambrym Volcano 16°15’14.2"S 168°07’23.1"E
03-01 Lamap NVSL 7:42 PM
03-01 Southwest Bay NVSX 7:54 PM
03-01 Norsup NVSP 8:05 PM Million Dollar Point 15°31’31.5"S 167°14’41.3"E
03-01 North West Santo NVSZ 8:41 PM
03-01 Torres Airstrip NVSD 9:16 PM
03-01 Sola NVSC 9:47 PM
03-01 Maewo-Naone NVSN 10:17 PM
03-01 Longana NVSG 556nm next 10:35 PM
03-02 Rotuma NFNR 01:59 AM

Flight time 8:35 15 stops

Tanna island departure

I did a fly by of the Volcano but it was barely visible in the heavy fog / clouds to the ground. From what I saw it was comprised data anyway, clouds on the sat images.

Erromango Island, clear weather this way

Ipota Airport, very green

Landing at Isangel Airport, actually it’s Port Narvin on Erromango

Erromango Island

Port Vila, the capital of Vanuatu

Sadly the aerial data is at its worst here

Port Villa International Airport, missing in game

A couple stripes are visible

Port Villa behind Ifira Island on the left

Port Villa is located on Efate Island

A peak into the Vanuatu National Museum

Efate island is also where Surivor Vanuatu was filmed

The camps were at either side of my wing tips

Epi Island

Lopevi Vulcano (4,636ft)

Those huge cracks are probably not supposed to be there, they go quite far down

Ambrym Vulcano, the one corner not hidden under clouds

No elevation data, hence the flat look

Quite active

Lamap Airport on Malekula Island

Jordan River

Million dollar point at Luganville on of Espiritu Santo, unfortunately not visible in game

Santo-Pekoa International Airport close to the dive site is missing

This is where the SS President Coolidge sank, now regarded as one of the best wreck diving sites

Toga Island

Torres Airstrip on Linua

Rowa Islands Atoll

Sola Airport on Vanua Lava Island

Lake Vui on Ambea Island

Lake Vui Volcano on the left

Pentecost Island

Home of land diving, possibly where bungee jumping came from

Leaving Vanuatu behind, Pentecost and Ambea out the rear window

Setting in for a long flight to Fiji

The weather keeps things interesting

The sun is starting to get lower as well

This is going to be a great sunset

Rotuma island in sight, with boosted exposure

The airport is where the two distant lights are

Safe landing, the lightning helped find the landing strip

Should be a very nice place to wake up in

On to Fiji tomorrow, then crossing the date line, traveling back into the past.