Export from default Flight Planner to Navigraph

If I make a flight plan with the default Flight Planner, is there a way to export it to Navigraph?

If you install the Navigraph in-game panel. It can detect whatever flight plan you loaded from the world map. You just need to press the button when it asks you to.

Thanks for the information, but my subscription is not Ultimate but Navdata only, and I am not planning to go Ultimate.

Is there any other way?

Well, I have just found a way. It’s very easy:

Hang on… you can import flight plan into navigraph without the charts subscription as well? Isn’t the navdata only just updates the navdata?

Oops! My mistake.

I thought I only had a Navdata subscription, but now I see I have an Ultimate subscription:

Wow! That’s great news for me.

I have just downloaded and installed the app and it’s working great!

Thanks for your advice. Sorry for the confusion.