Exporting Scenery parts into Blender

Hi there!

I am satisfied about how one city is being created by the AI. Still, I want to get this city into Blender as a 3D model and modify some parts.

I have been looking for this in many different google searches, but it seems this problem have not been solved by anyone before. The only thing I found was OSM Addon for Blender, that is using Street View data and create a 3D Model of the selected map part.
My Problem is, that the city I want has no street view and therefore OSM is delivering flat images from above of the houses.

If there exist any tool in the SDK, or as addon, I can select parts of the landscape and copy it into Blender, or any other way, please tell me :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance

That’s not how it works. You don’t load a whole region or map grid into blender and edit it.
You might use Blender as part of your work, to create a building and export it, but most people are probably using Maya to create assets.
Then you assemble the assets using the SDK and tools and the developer Project features inside Microsoft Flight Simulator, and then,once it’s built and loaded, then they test it by seeing their work live in the simulator.

Anyways, you have to start by reading all the SDK docs. Making scenery involves usually designing your own replacement for some area, not editing what you see on screen.