External display for PFD

Can anyone recommend a good external display to use for a pop out PFD for the 737?

I’m thinking of using 2 small displays side by side to display these. Ideally a decent resolution to display the small text clearly.

I would recommend 15.6" as the smallest. WIMAXIT is the one I and several others use. It’s available on Amazon for under U.S. $200.

Do you display both PFD and MFD on the display? I think 15.6 would be quite large for just one.

Yes, I do for some aircraft and that includes the soft-key bezels using Air Manager. You can adjust the size of the pop-outs. You can fit in several other gauges/instruments. I also use a 26". Anything smaller than 15.6 may be difficult to read the small numbers and bugs on the MFDs. I tried a 10.1, had to squint.

I use a 15.6 touchscreen for my TDS GTN750xi and it is amazing for this, but offers so much more versatility in that you can pop something out, drag it to the second (or third in my case) and stop the clutter on other screens. It was a slow burner until the TDS came along but even then, the potential was there and errr… it was cheap!

Is there any significant loss of FPS doing this?

I suppose it depends on how marginal your system is, but for me, I have no discernible loss. I have only ever popped out the G1K PFD once and had no issues, other than that of manipulating the rotary controls which is another reason that I am a happy Steam gauge driver. My point was and is, that a 15 inch touchscreen is often as cheap as a non touchscreen and is a very useful thing to have.

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