External fixed view while in flight

Hi I wonder if you can help

I am trying to use a keyboard to have a fixed external view and can do that. It just I can’t get back to the cockpit? What I am doing wrong?

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There is a “Toggle cockpit view” control, but there is no key binding by default.
To access the command, go to the control settings, select keyboard.
Ensure the filter on the left side reads “All”
Under “Camera” - “Cockpit Camera” you will now be able to find it.
You will have to assign a key to it.

Yes I can do that to all 10 views externally but I can’t get back in the cockpit

You need to bind a control to COCKPIT / EXTERNAL VIEW MODE.

so I do that and I go to external view. Then on my keyboard I press the ‘M’ button I have made as a view. When in external mode in that view I do what you essay above but I can’t get back to the cockpit

Did you set up as button for “Toggle Cockpit View” as I mentioned?

I am getting really confused. I will come out of the flight and come back in and stay again

I don’t know what’s going on. As you can see, I have it bound to a button on my joystick. I hit it once, I go to the External View. I hit it again, I’m back in the cockpit.

I have that as joystick button 2. I can press it I go external I can look around.

However. I would like to have a fixed camera view. I can bind them to my keyboard. I scroll through various fixed cameras but then when I want to return to the cockpit, pressing button 2 nothing bappens

I just re entered the flight deck and I have lost all my views bound on my joystick

By default, I’ve been using my keyboard END key to toggle Interior/External views.
Is this what you see when you select Controls Options?

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I tried that. I can get external and use the views I just can’t get back to the cockpit

Tried what?

Did you push the “End” key to go to “External” view?
Did you push the “End” key to go back to “Cockpit” view?

"* From the external view, you can still access the set of cockpit based instruments views using their dedicated shortcuts (ctrl + [1,2,3…]). "

MSFS RonS - yes tried that - so using the end key on the keyboard takes me to a fixed external view. These are the 10 fixed camera modes. But pressing escape loses all yoke binds

Esc? …

Yes, it is a short reply.

HAha yes the end key was what I meant

Sorry, but:
I don’t have anything for you.
I don’t know why you loose your yoke binds.

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Thanks anyway for your input. If I get a fix I will let you know

Follow up: When you are in External View, can you left click and move your mouse around to change your point of view?

I have closed down due to me shouting at my screen and we are both now crying

Log on the morning and will report back

No when I click left mouse or even try to move, nothing happens