External views question

Hi All,

is there a way to remove the instruments when on extenral views? I wanrt to take screenshots but dont want the instruments showing. I can use drone since i dont have a xbox controller.

General - Camera - Instrument heads-up display (HUD)

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I dont like the way the plane is always towards the bottom of the image in external view - why is that?

I also dont like the way when you zoom in it zooms the whole of the image including the ground? Its weird. I would like to just zoom into the plane itself the ground shouldn’t zoom as well. This has always been a strange thing about the MS flight sims in their external views - the zooming is terrible. It should be like dollying the camera in a film where you move the camera closer to the plane - thats how it should work.

Also why cant I use my joystick hat to control the external view panning etc? I just cant get it to work without having it keep resetting to default view every time I leave go of the hat. It’s really frustrating. I dont like using the mouse all the time. I can use the hat to look around the cockpit so why not he external view as well?

It could also do with a ‘fly by’ view and a tower view etc.

I think the external views need a lot of work they are very strange and not as good as they are in XPlane11

Thanks @XaviOrvi

You’re right. Unlike earlier versions of FS, there doesn’t seem to be an option move the external camera position from the plane. Given how good the sim looks, that’s a real pity.