External Walk Around preset but free Cameras positions - Useful in VR but not only there

Like the title says. We should have some walk around preset camera positions that you can jump through for a preflight walk around. something like this:

a320-walkaround-steps-1 Aircrat Inspection

They need to be different from the external view or external view preset position we currently have and different from drone camera. The idea would be that you cycle through them as you do a walkaround and they help you place yourself in the area of interes (engines, gear, sensors, etc).

They should have a fixed and well placed starting position (like the external cameras have now only better suited for walkaround in height and placement) but they should be free not locked so in VR once you jump in that position you can actually move freely. This helps in VR as we don’t have (usually) a large hall we can walk to actually do a compete walkaround but jumping from one point of interes to the other and do a local walk/inspection would really be better than using the drone camera.

Something that would help would be support for VR controllers and ability to teleport like in some VR environments.

And maybe someone from Asobo reads this…

Maybe all preset-able cameras should also have an “edit mode” (not just save position) where your view would jump outside that camera you try to edit (like in an another camera view) and you would then have a gizmo to arrange the camera you try to edit like you would do it in Blender or 3dsMax… you know, move on tha axes, rotate or even chose depth of field and FOV.

Great idea. This should be combined with general “locomotion” controls so we can walk around outside and also inside aircraft.

The only way to freely move now is the drone camera which is cumbersome to use to simulate walking.

Part of the experience is walking up to and in to the aircraft. This gives an idea what you are sitting in, where you are sitting in it, and generally enhances the realism.

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There is also a generic “walk around” topic here:

Excellent i will look into that thread, this thread is what came up first on my search for “walking”.

Yes I agree the general walking is a bit different request.

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Pre-programmed views that do a walk-around on the ground, or a drone fly-around in the air, at the speed and zoom level of your choice. Trying to do these while flying say aerobatics for a video is extremely difficult. There could also be a look-around in Cockpit view mode that would do what you would do when sitting in a new plane for you.

Alternately, the ability to create and play view macros would be good, and maybe even more flexible, albeit the chore of making them.

I’ve gotten to experience some actual walk-arounds in VR with a large open room and a Quest 2 headset. It’s an interesting experience to just stand up and walk outside. Although it’s a challenge for even the smallest of airplans.

That experience has made me wish for this feature as well.

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