Extra 330 LT / Pitts - still bad roll responsibility

First stops a bit shaky , last stop over rotating. Beside of that, no bad 8 point roll. :laughing: I am in judgeline mode again. Still one week till the German Nationals starting. :innocent:

Look under moments of inertia,


Reducing MOI doesn’t fix this bug.
It’s a core FSX/MSFS problem.

Thank you for your reply. @PaulFalke already fixed the roll direction issue with wing_dihedral value in the flight_model.cfg file with his mod. And, also Asobo engineers have fixed their default e330 plane.

Sorry, this is still not true. It is not fixed, can be seen in any fast rolling plane with or without mod. It take a long time till rolling picks up speed, and It still need a lot time till the roll ends after neutralizing the stick. The core reason of this is identified for a long time and the only solution is still to hack two values in memory as described in this thread. Changing values in the configuration will not help here enough to fit real live because of the fixed accelleration limits in the core flight dynamics.

Ignore this if you are talking about a different effect, because you are talking from “roll direction”. If so, please explain what effect you mean.

Here another video, you can see the stick moving, also the hard stops of the wings:


Correct. Not fixed at all.
I’m pretty sure that @ssy523 is talking about the reversed roll moment due to yaw.

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Sorry for the confusion.
I mean the reversed roll moment as @PZL104 explained.
As you mentioned roll responsibility needs to be fixed.

:slight_smile: oki, ignore my direct response.

This is for us, from 19:30 :

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Finally. This will help

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Now this looks great. :+1:

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Link: Sim Update 6 Flight Now Live - Community / News and Announcements - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Hopefully, the Extra will handle better, and no longer stall at idle (without revs being kept too high, as in a previous bad fix)

Well, this should be fixable, even if Asobo does it wrong. My XA41 has the same engine and very similar specs and does not quit the engine. But I agree, it would be good to see this fixed - correctly - as well. Fingers crossed.

Edit: And if the glide ratio is fixed as well it would be another plus. Currently the EA330LT glides much too much and slow down not enough without power.
But the change lock does not mentioned it.

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The prop govenor doesn’t give full prop pitch at full the throttle until some way into the takeoff ground roll. This causes a massive yaw to the left as the prop goes from 2,000 to 2,500 rpm. This feels like a bug.

It is a serious bug, but the sudden yaw is due to the tailwheel loosing contact with the runway.
If you maintain a bit of aft stick, you can avoid this problem.


You are right, it’s not modeled correctly. You should get full power/ rpm statically. Turning the boost pump on seems to help it come up to full power a little sooner on the takeoff run.

When applying power for take off the power hangs until most of the rollout then comes in all of the sudden to full power causing a sudden torque effect. This isn’t modeled correctly, you should be able to get full rpm and manifold pressure statically. I love the Pitts in the sim and fly it more than any aircraft but this bug drives me nuts. Having the boost pump on does help some. When flying from high density altitude airports this bug become unmanageable. Oh, and fix the roll inertia and the elevator could have a little more authority.

First impression after the update: The Extra fly much better. The prommissed fixed seams to work.
There are some strange things going on trying to spin with rudder entry. More intense investigations this week. We are on the way but not finished yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

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And new bugs, in here:
Extra 330LT in SU6: new bugs - Bugs & Issues / Aircraft Systems - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

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Yes they implemented my proposed fix and it’s much better now, but indeed needs some more work on the flightmodel.
They changed the empty weight MOI values and predicted MOI density wing values quite a bit. compared to SU5