Extra 330 LT problems

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Extra 330 LT banks to the left ALL THE TIME by 5° every 30 seconds. Even so while landing and taking off with zero wind. With AI assist turned off, every take off veers off the runway and every landing is a crash. While in mid-air, the course has to be corrected every 30 seconds because of the 5° roll to the left ALL THE TIME.

The trim doesn’t stay where it’s set, it keep coming back to zero the moment you leave it at your desired setting. So the trim only acts as a slow yoke. Please fix this ASAP.

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PC specs and/or peripheral set up of relevant: Alienware 17 R4, GTX 2070, controlled with an Xbox controller.

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue:SU6 1.13 Build

This seems to be realistic due to the prop effects. Happens in real life too. More evident in aerobatic airplanes with more powerful engines.

Regarding the trim issue I don’t know as I’m not experiencing this.