Extra airport icon stays static on screen when Display Direction on

MS-Store edition of on Windows 11, no add-ons.

I purchased MSFS just before the 40th anniversary release and was just getting my head around flying from A to B in the Cessna 152 with the help of the assistant showing me the direction and the generated user waypoint. I am probably (definitely) missing the obvious but since downloading the anniversary version things seem to have changed. If I have Display Direction on then there is, apart from the initial direction arrow, an airport icon at the bottom of the screen, pointing down, which doesn’t change the whole flight. Also sometimes I get two direction indicators showing different directions – both airport icons, as well as the static arrow at the bottom and I don’t seem to get the waypoint icon. Turning Display Direction off does remove this bottom icon.

Does this icon actually have a purpose?


EDIT: Weird, apparently this only seems to happen if I fly from EHRD to EHAM and vice versa! It doesn’t happen with other routes.