Extra Compass in cockpit view please!

In FSX, we had an extra compass besides the instrument panel one. It was at the top left corner of the screen. We have one now when we go to the external view of the plane. Could we please have that compass on a toggle in cockpit view where we can turn it on and off as needed with out having to go to the external view? To my old eyes, it’s much easier to read than the ones on the panels.

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Came to say the same thing. Is there a solution? This is a really big deal in the Cessna 152 especially as there is no illumination of it either that i can find.

I haven’t seen or heard of one. Hopefully they are listening and open for suggestions. Seems to me it would be simple enough to put it on a toggle where those of us that want it in cockpit view could have it but I’m not a programmer.

A new option has been implemented in one of the previous Sim Update. You can now have a compass on the top left corner of the cockpit view. Is that what you requested for ?

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