Extra info for checklists

I’m currently trying out the FlyByWire mod. It’s very impressive.

Though I’d like them to have the option to add extra info in the checklist.

For example, I’m currently programming the FMS in my Airbus, and I don’t always know what to do or how to find certain info.

It would be neat if you could give them the option to have an info-icon next to an item on the checklist. And then this opens up a small window where they can put info on where to find info.

This is already possible for the developers. You can even do this on your own with a little XML Knowledge. The Checklists are in the checklist folder of the aircraft in your community folder as XML files. You need the library.xml. You can add a “clue” item to each checkpoint holding additional data. (SDK Documentation)

You can also use this checklist as help.

Thats my CRJ checklist, the clue info shows at the bottom.

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This wish moved out of the wishlist as wishes are for default sim content and not 3rd Party.