Extreme Wind gusts

I am getting extreme gusts 20-60mph and up and down 1500 ft (750 up and 750 down)
Flying between the Grand Canyon and Page Arizona.
ALT = 10,000
Beech Bonanza

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Are you just teasing?


Did you fly e.g. in the vicinity of a mountain ridge?

Yes, it maybe are wind gusts. They can be svere. Especially in hurricanes and stuff like that. They can occur in many ways. On ground though there is no gusts at all at the moment. We hope they fix that soon to make the landings and takeoffs more challenging. In custom weather we can’t change or add windgusts at the moment. They will fix that soon i hope. I think the gusts in live weather in MSFS are much limited and i think you where flying over mountains or objects that made mechanical turbulence for you. And that are a kind of gust too. It can occure in openfield and over water too. There we not have any gusts at all now.


More details, please!

Where were you flying, what altitude, which aircraft…

yes, please tell us where were you flying so we can go there, the more gusts the better! :heart_eyes:


Air movement can be pretty cool in real life. IRL I was flying along on a nice warm Summers day when I got this huge thermal. Almost in the blink of an eye I was 800 feed higher and about to bust class C airspace. The amount I had to pitch the nose down stunned me. It was very short lived but that was a first time for me.

After I landed I talked to a student and her instructor about it and they were saying they had around a 30 degree pitch down to stop the climb.

Air movement can be pretty interesting at times. It is so sudden and generally invisible.

As far as as OP goes. It is impossible to know if it is realistic with the info provided. But in a few well known situations, MSFS does pretty good on the whole IMNSHO!

Yes it should be unpredicted. I know they can do a better job at making it jus that because the simulation is in there. They just need to reactivate it as they mentioned in the last dev update. Now i can just feel those gusts above mountains and such. It’s very predicted as it is now. Thats my opinion. I think they need to increase the effect of what the temperature does to the wind to make it more gusty in general. In cold weahther or at night there should be calmer and on hotter days or daytime it should be more gusty. Before sim update 4 we could set the gusts how we wanted to have them, now we can’t adjust the gusts.

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Turbulence induced by objects eg mountains is toned down currently as your video tests have proven in that “gust” thread (unless they fixed it with the last hot fix).

The others is thermals (that what you called above temperature related). I think one can vote for that in the “thermals” thread.


According to the latest development update (16 September) wind gusts have been reactivated:

“Wind gusts have been reactivated but some additional UI work is still needed. No further updates on timing”

Not sure what exactly gusts are in MSFS, i.e. whether that includes turbulences, but something‘s different now.


No they didn’t fix it yet. The problem is logged and they are working on it and thermals is a request to unlimit it, i think that will happen next year with gliders. All of those problems you mention is making the flying/wind more unpredicted and dynamic. Especially the thermals because temp we can’t see the same with the wind. Two things we can’t see or predict. We can meassure or forecast it though IRL. When you fly now over mountains or objects you can predict the wind will varies a bit. On flat terrain or over water there is no movements of air just constant windspeed. Thats not the case IRL. The air should be more stable over water though. That doesn’t mean it should be complete steady as it is now in the sim. I’m looking forward to get those fixed in the sim.

I was experiencing the same in South America when flying over or close to the Andes.

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Thats what i say. It’s the temp. Look up real hot places and fly there. You get more turbulence.

This is me testing with 60 degrees high temp in custom settings, you can see my settings in the end of the clip. This is just some hills i fly over. They need to make the temp effect wind at lower degree temp to get it more realistic. I’m not an expert at those thing but to me it feels more like flying when the temp is set higher. It’s not a fix though. They need to focus on those things i think.

Wind gusts can appear everywhere though even over water or flat terrain. That they need to add too.

By the way you can test if gusts work here badbadweather.com :: High gusts. For me the gusts not working properly. Way to stable for those kind of gusts reported there not working to look up gusts on meteoblue either where they get the data from outside of airports.

This issue they working on and is logged. The moderators don’t know the time when it get fixed yet though.

I haven’t found time to run some tests on the manual “gusts” configuration, but my guess is it isn’t working like it used to. Before there would be a plotted graph showing the combination of wind strength, and frequency. This has been gone for he last few patches. If you set the gust strength really high in SU5, nothing happened at all.

I have not re-tested this in WU6, but it should be easy. If setting gusts to 150kts doesn’t throw you around, then there are no gusts, or they have been reduced in strength for some reason. Dev. mode should show them, and it always used to, as would the modded 530, which I think shows wind strength when stationary, as long as it is not a crosswind, though I forget whether it sees the crosswind even if Asobo turns it off while stationary.

There is a view you can enable that shows forces acting on the plane as a series of lines projecting out from the plane. You could move these lines by adjusting the wind strength, and direction. Without gusts they would be very steady, and if you enabled gusts they would bounce around.

I’ll re-teach myself how I enabled that last time, and shoot a video of it. My suspicion is that if we do have gusts, they are only present in live weather, and not custom presets.


Thats the issue that is logged in the other link i linked i the earlier post i did :slightly_smiling_face: It also applies to live weather too. Gusts are deactivated.

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Always in the future, the fix is.


I wish there was something like A2A’s AccuFeal for MSFS. I find in general it’s like being on rails in MSFS flight. Be nice if a little clear air turbulence would occur randomly. Anyone know of any addons for that currently?

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