Extremely low gpu and cpu but high ram usage

I started getting massive stutter a week ago, and it just got so bad today. I checked and found that the GPU usage is at 0.1 and CPU at 20 but over half of my 32gb ram is in use.

Pc specs
Ryzen 5 5600x

I’ve looked and tried multiple suggestions online but nothing seems to work. Any ideas please

I do not play in developer mode

Because I’ve experienced this, and has worked for a few others in the past, check your Windows power profile. Sometimes the motherboard software and/or AMD chipset updates will change your profile to energy savings, which will drop your CPU to around 1.7-2.0 GHz and disable PBO, so it won’t automatically ramp up to higher speeds when under load.

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Thanks for your response. Power is set to high performance. You are talking about Windows power plan, correct? That is set to high performance and GPU is also set to prefer high performance on the NVIDIA settings

I’ve managed to sort it out, it turns out the full screen optimisation was somehow switched back on. I’ve disabled it now and the stutters are completely gone and GPU usage is now at 57% CPU at 24%. Not optimal but way better than 20% and 0.1%

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Can you explain that further? (full screen optimization)?

I have this issue, specifically when flying out of certain airports like KORD/Chicago (my 32gb of RAM is at 95% utilization and I drop to 3 to 5 FPS). Happens randomly too.

I’ve read that it seems to be a memory leak in the latest code, but have no idea if that’s accurate.

I’m sorry, I assumed everyone knew. Find the MSFS2020 exe, right click and select properties, then compatibility. There you can disable full screen optimisation.
My path to the exe file is c\program files\windows app\ Microsoft.FlightSimulator********

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