Extremely slow downloads (

I’ve been trying to download MSFS but the download speed will not exceed 3 Mbps. At this rate, it’ll take me around 4 entire days just to download the game, and this is, honestly, unacceptable. I did try to set auto-tuning to disabled, but to no avail.

Not an ASOBO issue, my download was fast.
Most likely your connection I dare say.

At least you are getting a download. All I get is an Error Code: 0x80070141

Been trying since release, so locked out of game

I’m sure it’s not an issue of ASOBO. I have completed update of 7,2gb in around 10 - 15 minutes.

I’m at 80% having started at approx same time as it went live… I’m get 15mbits/a approx 1/10 my download speed… slow and steady…

Question you guys downloading through wireless modem or direct to your modem.

Mines now complete, installed no issues - I am wireless.

My connection is not the issue. While trying to install the game, I got avg. of 180 Mbps on other downloads. Wired to Ethernet.

Try over wifi

I needed to reinstall the sim, the download speeds were a nightmare. We need a full bandwidth for our sim!