Extremely slow loading time - freezing at approx. 80%

Hi there,

I updated MSFS today to 1.1.45 (or so) but now the sim is extremly slow on loading and finally freezes at approx. 80%. I just see the black screen with the blue bar at the bottom which indicates the “progress”.
I’ve searched the help forum but the hints do not really makes sense to me. I have removed my ‘Community’ folder which just contained some liveries. No improvement. Somesone said the MS_Defender might slow down the opening of MSFS as he scans each and every file. I have another anti-virus working on my PC and if I want to make MSFS an exception there I cannot access the EXE_file of MSFS :face_with_raised_eyebrow: (I love you , Windows)
Another hint is to move MSFS to another drive but it’s currently on a fast SSD and I think it’s not the solution to move to a slower hard drive, or?
I paid almost 120 EUR for this sim, which is big money nowadays and it annoys me that it causes unnecessary headache which I expect and can foresee from an alpha-version probably. Nevertheless - if someone of this community knows a workaround I will be very glad to learn how to overcome this situation…
Best regards, Jan


I have been tinkenring for a week now. NO there is no workaround. Indeed , this one is a pretty nasty to diagnose beast… I finished using internal graphicas card ( intel 620 ) in low power mode ( Windows - Gaming - Graphics option ) . Totally uninstalled Hardware AMD RAdeon R7 M440 Graphiscs Card.
An so , an only so ,… the sim .loads without problems. I must say that I enjoy it very much , although performance is … you name it.
Fro what I have read so far in various sources and experimented myself, ther is a point opn the load process when a certain graphicas driver component "stops working and you are return to de desktop without further notices. I is NOT a CPU RAM problem . It is NOT a Graphicas card RAM problem. It is a SOFTWARE problem IMHO
Been simming and devolping windpows platform for 35+ years . All the way back to the XT 88 at 8 Mhz
and floppy disk drives.

Yeah, it’s hard to believe that Microsoft / Asobo release such a ■■■■. It cannot be that we literally need to convert our computer to make that sim working. I have a pretty good set up with a Nvidia 3070, 32 GB RAM and WIN10 latest release. All drivers are constanlty monitored and updated if necessary. x-plane 11.52 runs smoothly on high settings with many custom aircraft and airports. MSFS has the better graphics though but that doesn’t help if you can’t play that thing. I will continue to work on that but my disappointment is high and my confidence in that sim is very low meanwhile… Greetings

You didn’t mention CPU and other components you have but I’m running it fine on a Ryzen 7 3700X, Nvidia 2070 super and 32GB of Ram.
So what is it that’s making it unplayable for you?

Hey XTCQuinn, My complete setup is an i7 10700KF @ 3,8Ghz, Nvidia RTX 3070 (8GB/GDDR6); 32 GB DDR4 RAM; Mainboard is a MSI Z490-A Pro and WIN10. I don’t think that my specs are the problem. At least I could fly MSFS before the update to 1.145. I removed it from the computer already and give the sim one more chance tomorrow with a fresh installation…

No, that’s why I asked, your specs are a step above mine and I’m running it ok, so what is it that is making it unplayable for you, is it crashing or just not running smoothly?

Posting here instead of starting an identical topic title. My issue is the loading time. Once started everything runs fine it’s just that it takes 10 minutes to get to the World Map etc page. My system is Intel i7-8700K running at 4.7GHz with 32GB RAM running Win 10 Graphics Card is NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 with 8GB VRAM. My Internet Provider provides a download speed of 54Mbps (6.75MBps) which is above average for my region in Australia and a speed test confirms I am getting this. So I suppose my questions are what would be adversely effecting my start up time or is 10 minutes average/normal?

Hi XTCQuinn, it’s not running at all. I have the loading screen (now with London in sight). The loading process itself is very, very slow and stops at approx. 80%. The sim worked fine (but needed still some tweaks for better FPS) before the latest update. I meanwhile removed it and will install it tomorrow to have a fresh version. I will report…

A brief update. Still downloading. 12 Hours !!! Incredible…

So - 13+ hours downloading, fresh install - now it works. Thx, Microsoft / Asobo for this exercise. Don’t know really how to spent my time elsewise…

I’m on patch and I’ve now got the same problem: super slow loading up to abt. 80%, where it stops completely. Removed all addons from the Community folder - same thing.
Visually the super slow loading is different to earlier in that the loading screen turns black. The Paris loading image disappears soon after start, and only the loading bar at the screen bottom is shown, stopping at abt. 80%.
Seems the only solution is a fresh install of MSFS, again (not the 1st time!). Last time the download + reinstall took some 8-9 hrs, plus extra time for the various updates…
So WalNowhereman, you’re not alone. A Spanish saying comes to mind: Mal de muchos consuel de tontos - Misery of many is consolation for fools.