Eye adaption has been removed

Add me to the list that prefers the SU10 look. When flying it is important to monitor both inside and outside the cockpit simultaneously, and so maintaining a consistent, stable light level is more important that prettier contrast ratios. It’s still awfully pretty. Everyone saying “ugh it looks like FSX now” needs to boot up FSX for a bit because no it sodding doesn’t.

That said, I’m all in favor of a slider so the effect may be seasoned to taste.

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We should definitely have a vote. Most people like the new feature but they also agree that a slider should be present so everyone benefits.

Hi Folks,

This Wishlist item below is probably of interest. Recommend you review, and if in alignment, participate and vote. Thanks!


That wishlist is arguing for what we now have in SU10.

Given that the topic is so divisive it’s clear that the only solution is to make the effect configurable in the options.

Once again the only way going forward to bring this to attention is to make the eye adaption a configuration option as a wishlist item.

my english is worst, but google translator tell me, that this is exactly about what we speak here:

You know you can disable eyeadaptation in the usercfg.file right. You cant adjust it, but you can turn it off all together. Its under postprocess effect group. If your using VR make sure to turn it off in the VR section as well.

The other topic is based on the opinion that there was too much eye adaption, meaning the environment is too over-exposed when looking at the instruments, and vice versa. As can be clearly seen in this post.

Asobo appear to have responded to that by reducing the effect and lowering the overall exposure which fixes the outside environment, but means that cockpits are now ‘too dark’.

For those claiming the effect has been ‘removed’, it’s still obviously there. The left of this screenshot was taken with the camera pointing straight out of the window, the right with the camera panned down into the cockpit. Change in exposure is clear, just much less than pre-SU10…


Yes, I think thins is what’s happened. If I go into the NVidia control panel and raise the brightness slider, then I can almost get the FBW A320NX cockpit panels to be as bright as they were in SU9. But then everything else gets brighter.

as mentioned, the general wish is the same and the users feeling about “too dark or to bright” is then not relevant. Users can join into that wish and write down ( and vote ) that they also have the wish that feature becomes adjustable ( as which reason ever ).

By the way… funny is, in both topics the users report that somewhat is to dark :sweat_smile:

Ah, and so far I know, are the current changes made because a report in the Beta phase - not because of that existing wish.

And also yes: I already depict screenshots ( and mentioned often ) that the effect is not removed, in contrast what the OP as topic heading choosen. Therefore is for me that whole topic here a little bit unnesssary - the wish is there , just need votes…

I see a problem that for an unknown reason the eye adaptation works the other way around.
When the camera gets in the dark spot, either in the cockpit or outside, the scenery darkens even more. That is the opposite to how it used to behave before.
And exactly this is an issue of dark cockpits in bigger aircraft like e.g. pmdg 737.

Is there no fix found yet? Is Asobo workling on a fix for that?
It would be cool if there would be a slider somehow to increase/decrease the cockpit brightnes and adaption how the user wants :slight_smile:

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then dont forget to join to the mentioned wish topic where a “slider” is on the agenda and vote :wink:

but then where was the wish topic asking for it to be removed / nerfed without a slider?

not sure what you mean… I mentioned somewhat in the beta was possible the trigger that the effect is lowered ( may be ). Eye Adaption is still not removed and very present. Now some users like it and others not, what is like allways - there are never all users happy. Therefore the wish topic exist which mention the wish about a slider to can adjust and/or an easy on/off. We discussed that a lot…

PS: and about cockpit brightnes which allways comes on top. We shown now in meanwhile lots of screenshots where nothing is to dark.

Understand what you mean but If you change something which makes like the Cockpit brightness for a lot of users unstatisfied dark, we need to create a Whishlist to get it fixed? Thats a bit weird change management to vote for a Fix for something you changed…

The same issue we had in Prepar3D too, dark cockpits. I was so happy as I installed MSFS and dont have this dark cockpit stuff and now… same here… Sadly…

please check my screenshots and tell me where is somewhat dark :smiling_face: I also depict the effect that in case I look down, the cockpit becomes brigther ( and thats a screenshot, not a photo of my monitor with 1000% brightness :grin: ) . I assume in meanwhile its more like a problem with some kind of special airplanes and if users zoomed full out… I also tried the default a320 and it is not dark.

At least enabling of the cockpit lights should bring bit more brightness, or ?

But yes, I also understand your point. Somewhat is changed with SU10. But it brings nothing if we chat about that seemingly for some users somewhat is now to dark or to bright. With more votes on that wish-topic we bring the developers eyes on it ( on the slider ).

As alternative completely disabling the Eye Adaption should also help - of course with lost of these nice feature at all :roll_eyes: And if with disabled Eye Adaption the cockpit is still too dark, the airplane model needs a fix.

PS.: P3D has dark cockpits too ?.. ähmm… I not want to say it… but… :relaxed:

In the end we don’t have to convince each other. To my eyes the interiors are underexposed now. Auto exposure aka eye adaptation was supposed to help with this because monitors cannot work like the human eye with the same dynamic range as the real world. It has to work like a camera otherwise the result is a flat scene lacking contrast.

The wish topic for a way to adjust eye adaptation goes all the way back to 2020 but was overruled in favor of another forced setting. Now we have one side satisfied while others with a different preference must start wishing to get back to how it was. You won’t for example force a specific setting on all Windows users and keep changing it every other update based on popular vote will you? The first step should always be making something configurable instead of a stopgap. I would vote for options similar to camera settings like shutter speed, metering mode, etc. The drone camera already has depth of field.

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I assume the existing wish was never in focus and the change was made as a different reason, its just a side-effect we see now. Therefore we have neiter the on/off switch in menu nor the slider with that user can adjust whats needed. May the OP of the existing wish can bring both things more clear into the wish description, but both points are already described/mentioned.

And yes… thats whats I mentioned while ago… too dark, too bright… that not matter if users get the Slider :slight_smile: ( hopefully it is adjustable in general , but think so ).

PS: and reason why I mention that “I” not see more dark is, that we may be think about whether the airplane model or different reason cause the dark cockpits for some users on specific plane

Let me join the conversation. I would just like to point out the fault which Asobo introduced, most likely by mistake, in the latest update 10. The fact is, that the eye adaptation, or better said what is left out of it, has been turned around and works the other way around. This effect does not have a significant impact if you fly smaller aircraft because these have well brightened cockpits (there are pretty much big windows in proportion to the size of the cockpit). However, what happens when you sit in a 737 at noon while the sky is bright and sunny? (noon = the biggest contrast between light and shade) Paradoxically, the cockpit is dark because there is already the very dark shade dominant in the cabin. And what does the simulator do to balance it? So the scenery outside is not too light? The simulator darkens it all even more, including the cabin which is already too dark.

Everyone can test it using the following steps.

If you look in the dark spot in the cabin or go with the camera in the dark interiors you will see how the whole picture darkens even more. Obviously, do it in bright weather.

Having expressed my point of view I would only like to add that a slider would not bring the solution at this moment.

Until Asobo removes the fault mentioned above.

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