Eye adaption has been removed

So with the latest update it seems that eye adaption has been completely removed. Now some people will like this because it’s realistic, however for me there is a problem.

Namely that the cockpit (Fenix A320) is now way too dark for me, is there any possible way for me to re-enable eye adaption?

Next time the team should review this and add it as a option OR, tone it down but not get rid of it completely. This is game breaking for me because I have my monitor perfectly calibrated for my other games, I don’t want to have to re-calibrate every time I switch.

PLEASE tell me there is a way to bring eye adaption back, weather it’s throough user.cfg editing, or the dev team brings it back.


Have you tried using the internal lights etc? Works for me.

Yep tried it, eye adaption is completely gone for me even though I have it on in the user.cfg.

EyeAdaption is still present, but seems the effect is much more “less” which match with a Wishlist topic…

May be we should have a look into the Release notes.

I saw it in the release notes, auto exposure was tweaked. But for me it was tweaked WAY too much and the sim is unflyable especially at night or overcast. There has to be a way to at least tweak it up a bit.

yep… I found this topic

and these one

the effect is now realy a bit less noticable, but it is present. May be we get somewhen a slider for that :slight_smile:

I looked, unless I’m missing something there is no slider so some of us are stuck with this.

well… cant say more :slight_smile: … the wish was about that eyeadaption can be disabled or with a slider the effect “customized”. Now seems we get the variant with the existing effect, but less noticable. We can may be only wait.

I noticed the Longitude cockpit was much darker after I downloaded the NVidia Studio driver and started the sim today. I downloaded and ran the HDR Calibration Tool (MS store) and ran it, but it made no difference because most of my selections were in the darker range. I ran it again and put the sliders in the middle, and my cockpit brightened up quite a bit.

I’m not saying that’s your problem, but it made a big difference for me, and might help if you have HDR.

Best of luck to you.

Does the HDR Calibration Tool change it for all games or only MSFS? If not is there a way I can make it where it only changes MSFS values?

Oh no! seriously!? Im about to start the game and dreading the update now.

Guess I’ll need ReShade more than ever

Yeah… the cockpit doesn’t get bright anymore at all, when you look down with TrackIR, for example.

Removing that feature (which I very much liked!) completely, instead of giving users an option to switch it on and off as needed is just stupid. No way to sugarcoat that.

Instead of giving players without HDR monitors nice dynamic range for the brightest and darkest parts, like we used to have all the way up to SU9, we now have the same low contrast mush as other sims. Well done, Asobo.



Here is the cockpit, daytime, clear skies.

Here is the cockpit, overcast, maximum brightness ON with monitor.

This is serious, the eye adaption effect has to be improved upon a bit or at least the contrast.


The ONE thing that separated MSFS from the other sims was the dynamic contrast simulation (eye adaption) but now that it’s essentially been removed it’s been downgraded back to FSX style contrast.


Haven’t tested it yet (TrackIR) - just downloading the update - Dear God please don’t - are they serious ? I’m getting really “mad” - this is exactly what I predicted in one of these threads - it may be that the feature was too bright in one angle but it made the cockpits look more lively and “flooded with light” - now again this nonsense - just because 300 hundred don’t like it they turn it off for the remaining 1500 - why not just have ONE STUPID OPTION - on, off or adjust !!!


it is not completely gone, but only tested with default planes - is still noticeable - horizon not so overexposed - at least that is positive - bad weather test still pending !

Yep, cockpit much too dark now in SU10 :frowning:
I’m in the FBW A32NX and even with all the panel floodlights and EFIS lighting set to max, it’s still way too dark. And it’s really hard now to read the dark Nav display.

Dear Asobo, please can you reinstate the cockpit lighting level as it was in SU9 (maybe as a slider option) ?

If we’re gonna have any chance of getting this resolved we’re gonna have to start a petition, otherwise we’re stuck with this.

The eye adaption & realistic pre-su5 clouds were the one things that separates MSFS from the competition, now it’s all the same.



I’m using an HDR monitor at 1440p and I set eye adaptation and color gradient to 0 in the config file and everything is near perfect both in and out of cockpit. No bright glare coming in making the cockpit too dark any longer.

Changing user.cfg does nothing for me, my monitor is not capable of HDR so I can’t mess with that sadly.

For anyone else who just got SU10 can you confirm on your end that your flight decks are too dark? I tried with multiple planes both addon and default and they are all the same. If this is the case we need to alert Asobo ASAP so they can hopefully fix or at least brighten up the exposure a bit for SU11.

Ok so I just uploaded this issue to the bug section, hopefully the team can take a look at it.

At the very least bring it back as a option or as a slider, don’t just get rid of it completely!

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