F-15C over Wales

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Nice pics…
Was this an easy install from Just Flight?

Very easy indeed, didn’t even need to place in my community folder as Just Flight did it automatically

A really good pilot can get much lower


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Thanks for your answer…btw, what would we do without hecklers… :rofl: :rofl:

They’ll be the dead ones then :wink:

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:rofl: :rofl: Shhhh…they’ll find out!

Actually, in real life the F-15s often fly round the Mach Loop at a higher level than the RAF aircraft. Spend an enjoyable half hour on YouTube after searching Mach Loop and you will see just how low the Hawks, Typhoons, and other former RAF types get. Worth watching.

I live near the Mach Loop so I visit there quite often and trust me, the F-15’s fly very low too, they put on quite a show sometimes :smile: not just the Eagles either, the Ospreys are flown by complete madmen judging by some of the passes I’ve witnessed over the years :sweat_smile:

As an ex RAF aircraft engineer, a N Wales resident and a regular Mach Loop visitor and sim loop flyer I am well up with what goes on around there. The fact is those who fly it too low too soon :wink: Oh, and an Elwyn R follower too.

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Thank you for the clarification and correction. I appreciate your feedback.

Well good sir, I bow to your far greater experience, and humbly stand corrected. And a question, have there been accidents in the loop? It would not surprise me if there have been.

I have to say that in 40 years in the RAF I can recall only one accident in the Loop which, if I remember correctly (and it is from memory) was a Hawk in the 1980s. There have been loads of near misses the most recent of which was a Typhoon that missed Corris Corner. Not too long ago, whilst I was working at RAF Valley (as a civilian instructor/lecturer) there was a Hawk that almost conflicted with a Tornado formation, avoided by an alert instructor in the Hawk and I also recall a very white faced student climbing out of a Hawk having just had a very close inspection of a Sea King in the Ogwen Valley. There have been several fatal incidents in the Scottish highlands the most notable of which was probably a C130 that turned into the wrong valley - a blind valley.

I do love the Ospreys in the Loop and the C17’s are quite impressive too. My favourite video was, I think, a Canadian F16 through Corris Corner, below the level of the hilltop, looking up through the top of the canopy and waving at the cameras.

All of the fast jets through there do get very low, F15’s included, but you can usually tell the newbies as they do take a couple of circuits to learn the topography :wink:

A 56Sqn F4 from Wattisham ingested a bird(s) into its left engine in the Loop. Had to emergency land at Valley. This was in the early 90s. Just some compressor blade damage IIRC, nothing major although it looked dramatic apparently.