F-18 Going Crazy?

Anyone else having the Hornet suddenly start going crazy? Won’t turn or locks in a banking descent all the way to the mud?

Yes, I did yesterday, but today has been just fine. I did wonder about two things.

  1. I noticed that if the mouse was on another monitor or had activated another window the Hornet became mostly unresponsive (as do other aircraft in that situation) but the Hornet seemed to be more erratic to me.
  2. Yesterday I was pulling 5 and 6G turns quite often, and I did wonder if the pilot had lost consciousness and this was the way the sim depicted that - I wondered about this because the controls did start working again after a while.

Anyway, flying today in a more conservative manner resulted in none of this loss of control. Of course this could just be coincidence.

coincidence. I wasn’t doing aerobatics. I was lining up to land, on the down wind leg heading for final.

I can’t even fly the f18. It’s like it’s fight computer does whatever it wants. Can’t fly above 35k feet. Stupid thing does whatever it wants. No way to enable afterburner in throttle control…

In my case, it becomes stupid on the ground when taxiing, it does not respond to pedals, is possible to steer ailerons a little. Amazing… :upside_down_face:

I think I had that happen and mistook it for a controller glitch at the time.

Check that the Flight model is Modern.

yesterday i had something similar happen, was flying around just ■■■■■■■ about and went out to walk the dogs, turned on autopilot with a heading of 270 to go to the coast of florida so I could land. When I got back I wanted to land but I just couldn’t bank.

Had to press the paddle switch on the back of the yoke to disengage the autopilot, and that solved my steering issues.