F 18 sonic boom not in cockpit?

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It looks like i can’t hear the sonic boom when i’m in cockpit (1st person), i play in VR.

Can you do hear it inside the aircraft ?

Thats because in real life you can’t hear it in the cockpit either. You’re going faster than sound therefor its happening behind you.

You can hear it outside the aircraft from behind with the exterior camera.



The strongest sonic boom ever recorded was 144 pounds per square foot and it did not cause injury to the researchers who were exposed to it. The boom was produced by a F-4 flying just above the speed of sound at an altitude of 100 feet.


i wouldn’t have bet that was that much realistic ><

I put a camera on ground at past it at 650kts, aaaaaannnddddd

BOOOOOOMMMM :slight_smile:

What a thrill !


Come on, it’s more of a BA-BOOM! Or a BOOM, BOOM! Growing up on cold war airbases, I heard them constantly. Never did hear anyone else describe them that way, but that’s what I remember. BA-BOOM! :grinning:

I dont know about that, I remember when I was a boy the fighters flying over the house and it sounding like a boom. I also remember the 1st 2 years of so of schooling taking classes at a nike site that still had the nikes on the launchers. And I remember the old ‘Duck and Cover’ because well a desk is such good cover should a nuclear exchange occur! ;p Bwhahahahah

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Maybe what I remember hearing was a flight of two.

Sonic boom is a constant sound trailing in a cone behind the plane. And since you as the pilot are travelling faster than sound then the logic says that you can not hear it yourself.

Yes they used to pass by in formation like the thunderbirds, I remember sneaking out of the house as a kid so I could watch them fly over…

I lived near Bristol and occasionally the sonic boom from Concorde could be heard. Cannot recall if she was outbound or inbound to LHR.

Sonic boom explained, and more you can see the boom and unsderstand why you can’t hear it in the cockpit.


In French it’s not the same sound, it’s a BANG!

Even more, a double BANG.
It’s because Dassault’s planes do it better and air in France is of good quality…
:wink: :rofl:

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