F-18 Whoever You Are, THANKS!

Flying a lonely trip from SLC to Reno. Suddenly saw an escort on my wing. They stayed with me for a while.

Finally I waved my wings at them.

They waved back.

And flew away into the night.

It was a cool moment of life in the air.


I was taxiing on a remote airstrip in Canada a couple of days ago, in my Twin Otter. Normally, you hardly ever see a GA user plane, let alone in a remote airstrip. Now as I came onto the runway, I looked if anyone was coming in or going out - as you do -, and when I looked left, to final, another Twin Otter was just about to touch down. Mega cool! He respawned there to take off again as I rotated, with a little wing wave. Neither of us were probably Canadian, but we met there at some remote airport.


We take this sim for granted and complain about the little stuff. The big stuff it accomplishes is remarkable.


Sometimes in a military jet, I will often ‘shadow’ an airliner just for the activity and controlling airspeed etc…

Fun, as you say, as we don’t engage at all…


Do you recall which strip?

I ask because my buddy I fly with just made a trek from Ontario to Alaska in the Twotter.

Rivers Inlet Seaplane Base
From the land-based runway.
I was in a red Twotter, the Arctic Survey livery. And the one that landed was red as well.
Bit of a rocky landing :wink:


@RedBaronYYC was that you?

Sounds like your landing style!

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@skypilotYTS & @QBziZ

Ha! Although the landing sounds similar to my style, unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the experience or the landing. My flight plan (Twotter) to date has been: CYXU → CYQT → CYBR → CYEG → CYDL - PAJN - PANC → PAWD - PANC. Side Note - If you ever get the experience of another scenic approach, try CYDL (RW02).


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