F/A-18 BALT AP won't engage again

If I engage the BALT AP in the F/A-18, it works the first time. If I disconnect the autopilot and try enabling it again, it will not engage. Am I missing something or is this a known bug?

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I haven’t seen this.
How are you doing this? I mean using a mouse , key stroke, etc?
How is your main ap turned on/off?

Clicking BALT with mouse. The altitude flashes in the box for a split second but it doesn’t engage. When it turns off, its with the AP disconnect button usually.

Wierd… just flew an hour to test it, all good.
what about when you select heading hold or ralt(below 5000’), number pad, etc…?
I’m out for the night now, back tomorrow

Looks like it was the deadzone on my stick. It is a yoke and it was sensing movement so it wouldn’t engage. I made the deadzone larger and works like a champ. Thanks!

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I wouldn’t have guessed that one! I was leaning towards mouse issue.
Glad you got it sorted :slightly_smiling_face: