F/A-18 Blue Angels Livery Please

Dear MS and Asobo,
Can we here in this world of flight PLEASE have a Blue Angels livery for the F/A-18? Especially given the fact that this is an E title and focuses on flight and aerobatics for this plane it would make perfect sense given that the Angels are a completely demilitarized aircraft and have a completely non military hud and computer system it would fit the sim better than the current.
I hope you read this LOL
P.S. I understand there is a free skin on PC but I’m on the box and it would be better to have it straight from the source


Wouldn’t it be nice?

Easy additions that make big differences for users usually get overlooked though. I’d fly the f/a-18 at least twice as often if it had the blue angels livery. Obviously, it was added as part of top gun promotion, but I’d definitely think the first thing they’d think is to include a blue angels livery.

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Not on Xbox

Wouldn’t trust that it works as advertised…

…not the livery maker’s fault, mind you, but the sim’s fault. I’ve been in streamed group flights and my airplane appears in the stream with a livery different from the one I actually chose.

In all likelihood a group flight of Blue Angels will form up and at least two or three planes will appear to have the same number even if the group coordinated to select a different one.

The blue angles livery is coming this week with a update to the 4simmers FA18 liveries pack.



Please see this wishlist. It mirrors your request.