F/A 18 Super Hornet UPDATE

So, its been a while now since Asobo introduced official fighter jet in the sim but am I the only one here who thinks this model need more attention ? nothing special since SU9, I hope there will be good news in SU 12 +

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Im new here, so maybe this will sound confusing, if there is no point of my topic it can pe moved or i delete myself,

Hmm. There might come an update to F/A-18 Superhornet in the next (tomorrow!) update - who knows? Then your topic is sort of legal…well, from tomorrow then. :wink:

It definitely needs external fuel tanks for more range

I find once I land the F/A-18 I can only go straight forward. Makes it impossible to even get off the runway so I hope this is fixed!

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I was having the same problem until someone mentioned that I should click the little red button on the bottom left of the control stick to engage the nosewheel steering. Without the button pushed, one can only steer straight ahead.

no changelog in the su11 release notes → aircraft

Then it’s time to move to DCS if you folks claim external tanks. :wink: Or…well, are there no enhancements over at Flightsim.to ?

I fly the “Stock” FA18 once in a while and I never see another FA18, however, I do see several flying around listed as FA18’s but they appear as airliners to me. Very un-realistic to see a b737 zooming over the runway listed as a FA18. I suppose everyone is using 3rd party FA18’s instead of the MSFS FA18.

neh, i think they was the super warior mod from touching cloud

Ground steering is different in the Hornet. If I remember correctly, it requires an extra key bind to “lock in” the nose steering so your rudder controls work with it.

I’ve never flown it so can’t give you more details. Perhaps someone else can fill in the blanks. I just remember a lot of complaints about this when it was first released and that was the answer to it.

There’s the ‘super warrior’ mod available over on flightsim.to which has had a lot of work put into it but I find it can be quite glitchy and its pretty prone to getting broken with every sim update. I’ve kind of given up trying to keep up with it. It is nice for the drop tanks option though.

As far as the steering is concerned there’s a red button lower down on the front of the joystick you have to press to engage the steering.

Yes, it’s the stock F/A-18 and that could very well be the issue. Weird thing is that I can steer it on the ground for take-off but not after landing.

Edit: after further searching on the MSFS forum I found a link to a video (by @ZILLNIAZI17) pointing out where the nose wheel steering control was in the cockpit. Got what I needed thx!


Glad I could help steer you in the right direction. :slight_smile:

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