F1 tracks as Landmarks

As a simmer and F1 fan it would be really nice if Asobo could include F1 tracks as handcrafted landmarks in future World Updates as many tracks look awful with many of them having buildings in the middle of the pit straight due to the ai incorrectly identifying the start lights as buildings.

So please Asobo could you consider this for future World Updates.

They are too busy trying to fix the game, let alone add new content. You’re more likely to see a 3rd party addon if you wanted proper race tracks added in.

But then again, if i wanted look at F1 tracks, i would play an F1 game not a flying game…

There are already a few racetracks available at flightsim.to.
Also racetracks are easily visible and identifyable as landmarks because of their size and shape. That already works quite well with the satellite imagery, even though the buildings mostly don’t match

But then again, if i wanted look at F1 tracks, i would play an F1 game not a flying game…

Really? So what games would you recommend for people that want to see coastal views, mountain scenery, cityscapes, landmarks etc?
I’m sure if you put a comprehensive list together you could justify nobody needing to use FS. :slightly_smiling_face:


Google maps…

But for real are you looking for an actual list of games produced by me or are you being rhetorical? I’m kind of stupid you see and text-based communications leaves a great margin of error for how things come across

Because you’re right, there are other games to justify not needing flight simulator in order to get a mountains fix or a cityscape fix or whatever. I’m just saying I wish Asobo would concentrate on the things that need to get fixed and make the game playable for everyone before they start adding more polish and polish that so far only 8 people have wanted in the game. You won’t see this on the weekly dev roundup fix-it list for a long time…

As Archer has said, there are a few tracks available to add into the game at no extra charge. It will probably take less time for the same guy to make all the tracks than it will for Asobo to dedicate a team to make these tracks in game (which probably takes more work than any of us will ever know. So no “it’s easy” arguments because if it were easy, then by all means get at it dude…)

yeah the big complaint is that it’s not accurate enough. as OP said “buildings in the middle of the pit lane.”

Do the tracks in countries that had a world update look good? Belgium, Germany, France etc. No doubt some of the countries that haven’t had a WU pass yet look not as good (UAE, Iran, Monaco, Italy Etc)

I haven’t checked but my guess would be; no.

actually since they let steam users into the public beta, i’m literally about to go fly over nurburg to find out :smiley:

COTA in my home city is very well done. Come visit! I’ve watched several races there. Excellent venue if you ever get the chance to get down here to visit.

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