F16 spins out to sea

I posted times on Discord and messaged SC Designs. I am just hoping someone might can help. Every time I set up an ILS approach, it is a fail. Everything looks good initially, Have the brackets for glide scope. The AP is on. The ILSN is engaged. But before I get even close the aircraft suddenly starts spinning and drops into the drink. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? SC designs says no one else is reporting same issue.

The first thing is to confirm that a mod conflict isn’t causing this.
Ensure your Community Folder is empty except for the F16 and try.

Thanks, nothing in Community Folder.

You didnt say anything about your airspeed or flaps.
First guess is you’re stalling the aircraft.

Does not feel like a stall. It happens before I turn off AP and auto throttle. Just suddenly rolls inverted and drops as if it got input from something. I will keep working on it, was just hoping someone had experienced the same thing and knew what problem was. Thanks for responding!

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Does it happen in just one location, or is it every landing?

Every landing that I use a flight plan, AP, and ILS. Doesn’t same to matter if I turn on approach switch or not. I am going to try some while turning off AP before final. Will try some with turning off auto throttle and or lnav earlier. Will keep experimenting. Feels like I am doing something wrong. Just not sure what it is yet. I watched videos where the pilots did not turn off AP or auto throttle until just before touchdown. But apparently, that is not going to work for me. Thanks for responding!

A few more questions to try and nail this down, what exactly is your approach speed and flaps setting at the time this happens?
Do you have any addon liveries that you are using or any marketplace addons?

Speed is between 165 and 200. There is no flap control but I understand that F16 does this automatically. I will watch for flap positions on next flight. I have no addons just what came with F16 from marketplace. Nothing in community folder. The way it just suddenly rolls over and dives is as if I moved the stick. Does not seem like a stall and no stall warning. I have had no successful landings with the F16. But I can Chaulk most of those up to skill. But this sudden roll over is strange. I have had successful landings with Cessna and even the 747. But this F16 is working me. The sad part is it is the airframe I spent most of my career working on. But maintenance and flying are two different critters.

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What are you using as a controller?

Up until yesterday I was simply using my keyboard. I started using a stick yesterday. It does give me better control but did nothing to stop the roll. Other issue is that I am at 1600ft with no room to recover. Thanks for all your replies!

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Here is a link to a Youtube vid on how to land the SC F16, you may want to compare what you do to this.

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OK, Thanks! I will watch it and let you know. Probably late this evening before I can watch it and do another flight.

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Make sure there is no assistant overriding you.

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OK, Thanks!

Thanks for all the help guys. The video and turning off assist did the trick. But I also turned off lnav, AP, and auto throttle as soon as I turned on final. Not a perfect landing but first time I put it down with out dropping it in the ocean. Did not get that uncommented roll this time. So thanks again.

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