F18 and hotas warthog throttle

Hi, using my hotas warhog throttle i can not get to post combustion in f18. In the simulated cockpit the levers are not to the end, but the throttle is in the max position. See picture
Any idea?

If you mean afterburner, it has to be bound to a button.

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Where is that button? In the real plane is also a button?

Apparently you can bind the Afterburner to your throttle axis. It won’t become active until throttle is at max anyway. Effectively the way it would be if you pushed past a detent.

Pull the throttle back and the afterburner cuts out…

Hi, thanks for your answer, but how to configurate that axis?


It wants to be a button. But if you just bind it to your throttle axis along with throttle also it ought to work because it only triggers at like 90% anyway. So it effectively works as you would expect.

Even as a button the afterburner effect won’t become active until throttle is advanced to a certain point. Stops being active when the throttle is pulled down past that point…

Therefore if mapped to throttle axis it’s always active but never activates unless throttle is +90%

(That’s the theory anyway. I haven’t actually tried it yet but other forum users claim it works and it seems to make sense)

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Thanksss so much

Love the Warthog. 'Got one myself. Do yourself a favor and split the throttles. You will get a ton more out of your HOTAS than what you’re currently getting. Just curious…what are your spoilers mapped to? Are you slowing yourself with flaps?

By the way, if you’re primarily in jets, you can change the detent in the HOTAS to make it sit at the top instead of at the bottom. Lifting the throttle over the hump and letting it rest there can function as AB. That’s what it’s intended for.

Hi, what do you mean with split?
I have take the piece of the max i the position to go full up, but in fs is not to the max
I mapped the flaps with the red button


this is weird, yes afterburners can only be activated from the cokpit (im an xbox user) and it is difficult to do. i hope this can be fixed otherwise plane is a joy to fly.
also we cannot do manouvers this also need to be fixed.

what do you mean “cannot do maneuvers”

Why would you map the flaps to the red button? I don’t see how you could properly operate them with a button. How can you differentiate between moving them up and down with that?

Move the silver switch on the throttle to the left to split them. I can tell by your picture that you have them coupled.

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I mean this
One side flaps up and the other side flaps down

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Slide in my DMs. I have a much better option for you that will give you much better control.

Hi, what option is that?

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