F35 wont turn properly

Hoping someone from the community might be able to help. I have the f35 and have had it since the day of release. Since the last update i am unable to pull any g’s and if the nose ends up pointing down at all it wont pull up and cant be recovered, even from 20000 ft. I have messaged the developer and he asked for screenshots of my FCS page when this was happening. They then admitted that there was clearly something wrong with my flaperon values but were unable to offer any sort of solution or troubleshooting steps. I know this isnt happening to everyone, but I also know its not just happening to me. Any idea of why this may be happening . M

contact support

Tried that

Is it the IndiaFoxtEcho F-35?
I did a 30 minutes flight yesterday and did not notice this. I pulled several Gs.

If yes, which version do you have?

Yes mate , The IFT one. Im on version 1.1.8

I’ve experienced this on two occasions. You can barely pull any Gs after a certain speed and the rolling suddenly becomes very quick as if FBW is off. I’m not sure what triggers it but very annoying to deal with.

Only way to pull Gs in this state is to keep speed between 300 and 400 knots

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Just checked…
I’m on the same version. Did a quick flight again and did not notice anything wrong.
Maybe, just a slight tendency to stall a tad more than before. I pulled 8+ Gs during this flight.

If you think it really significantly degraded, maybe you could try to delete the plane from your hangar and reinstall it from the store.

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Hey mate, thanks for the reply. This is exactly what im talking about !! Its absolutely brutal and its constant for me and makes the jet un flyable. It never used to be like this. I’ve tried many things to rectify, ive deleted and re installed, ive tried it with nothing in my community folder, ive tried re setting all my controls, ive made sure im on modern and with all assists off, ive tried adding the improvement mod and switching the FBW off, ive even got the jet file from a group member i fly with and tried that file, still the same. Whats annoying is the dev can see what im going on about but can not offer even a single solution to try. More of a " its not happening to mine, so suck it up " kinda reply.

Do you use FSUIPC? If yes remove the FSUIPC7.ini file from its folder and let it rebuild. Try again.

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How do you switch off FBW?

Also, have you tried clearing rolling cache and that other one too if you’re on PC?

Sometimes, for me if I use the G override toggle, it goes that. I’ve mapped it onto X on my Xbox controller. Works great with the hornet… Lol

Hey, thanks for the advice. So i couldnt find the file you were talking about, so i just uninstalled FSUIPC7.
Ne joy im afraid . exactly the same :pensive:

There is an improvement mod for pc that allows you to turn off the FBW.

The obvious question: have you checked that your flight model is set to modern?

Oh. Well I’m on Xbox

Can you turn FBW off in the real thing?