Has anyone got 2020 working with FaceTrackNoIR? I don’t see any options in game. Do I run it using FSX SimConnect SP2?

I don’t know about FaceTrackNoIR but Opentrack works. It is recognized in game as TrackIR.

Yes, I do. It doesn’t need SimConnect.

Any specific settings or anything I need to do in game? I search for input and it doesn’t do anything.

OK, I got it working. After installing FaceTrackNoIR you need to install the plugin pack (download for which should be on the main download page). After that it pretty much just worked. Settings are:
Tracker Source: faceAPI
Game protocol: FreeTrack (disabling TrackIR)

You probably want to up the smoothing a little. I set Pitch and X to inverted.

It’s still a bit janky, and doesn’t work all the time (restarting the flight can fix it), but that’s where I’m at.

I got it working too just now. What I did was go an install the latest version of the actual TrackIR software as suggested in a different forum. I don’t own TrackIR but after installing the software “it just works”. No clue why.

@NMTBB did you do anythink in the FS2020 controls. I didn’t yet load the trackir software but when I loaded FS2020 with facetracknoir running, I got a control device called trackir, but I couldn’t select any inputs and apply them to the camera.

were you able to resolve this?

also have TrackIR but still want to use my controller to pilot the plane

I haven’t actually tried. I have a dual boot system (running linux at the moment) so I dont get to run up fs2020 for very long each day. Been too busy learning the various systems such as the autopilot in the planes to spend time getting it working.

I got it to work… FaceTrackNoir and my xbox controller. If anyone was wondering, just make sure you don’t install vJoy and if you have, just uninstall and update your HID-compliant gaming control device driver to get rid of the virtual controller.

Using SideShowFrost’s settings worked great for me, since I had a Tobii 4C eye tracker and they supported it, I downloaded the plugin and used the same FreeTrack protocol and it works great, tracks my head movements as opposed to just my eyes which is what I wanted, would be crazy if it tracked my eye movement instead. I had to make a few adjustments to the curves but absolutely love it, no need for a trackIR device at all.

Got it working as well, mainly thanks to your post!
Uninstalling vJoy and uninstall/reboot/update HID-compliant gaming controller was the key to success :slight_smile: :+1: