FALE ILS Approach Issues

Flying the A320neo, FALE Airport has the set CRS incorrect on ILS approach. The CRS set for ILS06 is 035 and yet it should be 062, and the CRS for ILS24 is 217 yet it should be 242.

This is causing the aircraft to deviate from the centerline and follow an incorrect course. Meanwhile the LS indicators on the PFD is correct, and the ILS page of the ND is correct except for the course indicator which won’t be on the line.

I didn’t know the CRS has an effect on following the centerline. I always thought that the inherent issues with the AP in trying to follow the localiser signal is what’s causing the deviation.

Well in this case the aircraft is following the CRS as soon as you activate APP.

Confirmed the nav data is incorrect. This is what is listed currently:

<Approach type="ILS" runway="06" designator="NONE" suffix="Y" 
  gpsOverlay="FALSE" fixType="TERMINAL_WAYPOINT" fixRegion="FA" 
  fixIdent="FI06" altitude="3000.0F" heading="36.846535" 

Thats where the wrong info comes from.

It is however correctly setup in this section, which might not be used?

<Ils lat="-29.595724940299988" lon="31.133283376693726" alt="287.0F" 
       heading="62.125996" frequency="111.300" range="27.0N" magvar="25" ident="TNI" 
       width="2.99" name="ILS RW06 " backCourse="TRUE">
    <GlideSlope lat="-29.62346937507391" lon="31.110683530569077" alt="287.0F" range="27.0N" pitch="3" />
    <Dme lat="-29.62346937507391" lon="31.110683530569077" alt="290.0F" range="27.0N" />

How do we fix or get this fixed. This is affecting both Rwy 06 and 24.

Ok, the data is not the problem. One is just true heading and the other magnetic.

I have no problem with the TBM though (using working title g3000 v0.4). I suspect it might just be an issue with that plane?

CRS or HDG should be adopted a little bit. heading=“36.846535” and magvar=“25” should result in heading=“61.846535” instead of heading=“62.125996”. If this maybe makes the difference?
I made an ils approach on 06 with the stock settings and the TM930 was heading 2-3 runway width right of 06.
I tried these settings an that’s my approach result in comparision: I’d say I literately missed the center line. I was pretty surprised not to have no runway lights, or was is because of my settings?