Familiarization Flight

Currently stuck on the 3rd lesson of basic training, where the instructor goes to demonstrate a right hand turn and the lesson never moves on from that point. Never goes on to the next task/objective. First noticed this just yesterday on PC and today tried on Xbox with exactly the same situation. Quite frustrated by this.

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Hi @kane3228
I ran the mission real quick this morning and got it to work. But I have to admit that the instructor flew a LOT longer than I would have thought before the objective changed and finished the mission.
After she made her first turn and says something like “keep your turns below 30 degrees”, she remains in control and does three total right hand turns, then finally does a left hand turn ( toward the north of the airport) then flies for a while and finally says something again (a repeat of something earlier), and then finally gets around to letting you make a turn, then climb and descend, and then head back to the airport.
But as I said, there was a looooong time between her saying she’s going to do a right turn, and it finally gets around to moving on to the next step.
Hope this helps. Let it run for a while until she finally turns left away from the airport and starts back and see if things progress.

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Thanks for posting this, as I am redoing the training, and got stuck at the same place. For sure it is supposed to let you take over right after she makes the first right hand turn.

For sure she does let you continue the lesson but you have wait a ridiculously long time. I think I timed it at about 6 or 7 minutes and she will repeat herself a few times in the meantime.