Farm Sim Panel (AKA Heavy Equip Side Panel) in MSFS2020? YES! It worked!

Okay, I checked the search tool and couldn’t find any info.
I’m wondering (because I can get my hands on one pretty cheap) if this Logitech Farm Simulator Panel can be used in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, perhaps in place of the X-Box Controller to operate the drone cam? Anyone with any experience in this?

Map a few saved views to the buttons, etc…
Just thinkin’ out loud.


Hey there @JimSim831, My friend got this and he have try it in msfs2020. He say me that is not working, because the sim dont reconosige the pannel. So, if you want to buy that, make sure you have farming simulator… :wink:

Not recognizing the panel just means that there isn’t a default configuration (set of assignments for buttons and axes). If MSFS can see it well enough to complain about not recognizing it, that means (in my somewhat limited experience) that it’s detected and can be configured. You just are doing it from scratch.

Yeah, that’s what I’m hoping. Even as a generic game controller, I’d be able to map most camera movements and several keymaps to it. I just wanted to know if anyone could get it to be seen in MSFS.

I wonder if might be able to help in-between?


I’ve mapped a bunch of controls to a Razer Tartarus V2. It takes a while to find the config that works for you.

That’s pretty close…
So did that show up in MSFS as a generic controller?
Or are you having to use some third party software or something?


It uses software to output keystrokes, mouse, joystick, or macros. I’ve got it set to change cockpit camera views, elevator trim, prop speed, etc. I don’t use more than a 10th of it’s capabilities. I can imagine that it would be possible to program nearly every keyboard key and combination onto it. I probably should try to map the eternal and drone cams onto it and see how that works. I’ve got a couple of water crossings coming up and I’ll have the time to mess with it.

YES, YES, YES… :grin: :grin: :grin:

Just got the Farm Sim Side Panel, hooked it up to USB, loaded up the MSFS and Boom!
There it is in the Controls Menu.

  • I can assign views to any of the pushbuttons. (Instrument views come to mind here)
  • I can assign camera motion (drone or otherwise) to the joystick axis.
  • There are effectively two separate joysticks available due to the dual position button on top (red/blue LED)
  • I can assign Camera Translate Up/Down to the thumbwheel.

This is going to be a great help in Camera control for me, as I am not a gamer and haven’t really warmed up to the X-Box controller to do this.

Next I’m going to waste the entire weekend trying to figure out all the X, Y, and Z controls from the X-Box Controller and re-mapping them to the Farm Sim Panel (AKA, the "Heavy Equipment Side Panel - according to the box). If I have any complaint, it’s that none of the colorful buttons are LED or backlit.

Between the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke, the Bravo Throttle Quadrant (should be here next week), two Saitek Radio Panels, and the Saitek Multi Panel… I’m running out of desk to clamp this thing to.


You could very likely adapt or even replace your buttons with led types.
Of course it would require additional power.
Depends how far you want to go really.


I had the moderators move this thread over to “Peripherals” since that made more sense.

This is the plan:

Should work very well.

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well this is amazing.
well done jimsim

Thank you.

I have to say, of all the peripheral controls I’ve added to my sim… this thing is just great.
I can totally control all cameras. Cockpit, Exterior, and Drone. Easy-peasy.
Best $149 I’ve spent in a while.


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Just got hold of one. Is there anyway to set the red joystick button to take a screen shot? I see you have done it but can’t work it out. Thanks for any help


Took me a while to figure this out too. Ultimately, I could not find a way within MSFS to do it, nor could I use the NVidia software from my graphics card… but I did find a way to do it by using another application I have called VoiceAttack. It’s a great piece of software for only $10. I was already using it to control many of the things that I just didn’t want to have to remember the keystrokes for.

Voice Attack allows you to set up actions based on any Joystick (Controller) Button that your system can see. So I just created a Snapshot action using the Red button, that stores a screenshot into a defined folder.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. I have voice attack so will have a look. Much appreciated


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I confirm. Been using this panel for a few months with MSFS. Really great for switching views and the mini joystick for controlling the drone cam. Quite versatile

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I think I just read your review on the Amazon site.
I’m curious - the buttons for instrument / external camera views - does the view change while pressing the button OR does it stay on the new view after you release the button?
Hopefully that makes sense :wink:

I’m trying to figure out if I have to keep my hand on the button to stay in the new view…

I also will have a desk clamping issue - I’d love to get it but I’ll have to rejig my space a bit to make it all fit.

Take Care.

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My views stay after release.
I believe most of the camera views have both a “Toggle” and a “Hold” capability, so really… this should be up to you.

I’ve also configured the three black buttons to the right of the joystick (Buttons 22, 23, and 24) to be:

  • Cockpit Camera (Toggle)
  • External Camera (Toggle)
  • Drone Camera (Toggle)

In that order. This even comes in handy while I have my VR headset on. I can reach over (albeit blindly) and hit these buttons to change the view in my headset as well.

Then, since you can assign multiple actions to the same buttons… I’ve also set the big gray button (21) to be a camera reset for ANY camera I’m currently viewing from. That way if I accidently get all discombobulated, I can just hit that button and return to the default view for the current camera.

Regarding your “rejig” concern… I got this before my Bravo Throttle arrived, and I too thought I was going to run out of space on my desk for all things “clamped” but once I got used to this panel for camera control, I wasn’t going to be without it and I was determined to make it all work. I actually found a desktop from a guy on Craigslist (Actual product here) that had a nice sweeping inset which proved to be wide enough to encompass all three devices (Alpha Yoke, Bravo Throttle, and Heavy Equip Panel). I mounted everything with their respective clamps first… until I decided where things would work best. Then I removed the clamps and just screwed the pads directly to this new desktop. This secondary desktop is literally just setting on top of my existing desk. Without the clamps in the way, I could move my keyboard and mouse to a sliding drawer underneath it all.

All that said… things are a little different now (please excuse the graininess of this shot):

[Edit: Oh yeah, I sunk a couple stainless steel drink holders into the desktop too… didn’t want to be knocking my soda over while flailing around with my VR headset on.]



My Farm Sim Panel was working fine but has now disappeared from the sim after update 5. Anyone else having this problem or just me?