Faster Startup - as very slow currently

MS / Asobo we really need the startup process to get quicker, it seems to be getting slower.
Can this be reviewed or at least explain in details what is slowing the load and why ?

How much content do you have in your community folders.

Also pc spec would be helpful especially your drives and speeds

How long does it take for you? Or in other words, what is too long for you?

During testing, empty. But normally use addon manager to limit the content to just what I need for the flights I’m planning.
Forgot… PC Specs are well good enough to run in High/Ultra with fast M.2 drives dedicated to OS & MSFS, so no issues there.

From start to welcome screen: 5 min 23 secs
From Welcome screen to fly button: 2 mins 18 secs

But at times it feels much more than that, seems a long time to load to welcome screen when the system does not even know what you want to use.

Load time since the early days of MSFS has only got worse, and seem like an area that should be granted more recourses to improve.

But the point of the post is to ask (wishlist) to have more time allocated to the issue, and / or give us some reasons as to why it takes MSFS so long to load, to Welcome screen when it at that time does not know what you’ll be using or going from / to.

The problem seems to be with you: with 80gb’s plus in my Community folder and all MS packs downloaded it takes me 1 min 45 seconds from start to welcome screen, just over a minute with an empty Community folder.

I’m glad you think “I’m” the problem.

The issue is not me and has been an issue for many since the start of MSFS, but like MSFS and other issues, it does not seem to hit everyone the same all the time.
But I’m glad your okay!

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Not you, your pc.

The PC setup is good, only did complete reinstall couple of months ago to ensure OS & MSFS was installed well and clean.
The OS has its own M.2 drive as does MSFS, with other two M.2 drives for everything else on the system, memory is 64gb and does not get utilised, normally 8-12gb . All the other components are also of good spec, but should not effect load times

As I said, it’s a wishlist to ask them to review, also no point having great load times with empty community folder, as that is not how MSFS works, so a relisting load time should be with fail community folder load.

But would also be good to know on the loading screen what packages it is currently loading and a % of total load, we could then identify any packager issues.

Anyway will leave it here now, as I said, was just posting a wish to Asobo.

Maybe his clock is the problem…
while i don’t consider mine slow its certainly not as quick as 1 min 45 seconds with far less than 80gs of addons all on ssd’s… will actually go test mine now i think

Sorry, I was wrong. 92.5gb’s in the Community folder, 281gb’s in the OneStore folder, it took 1 minute 55 seconds to fully load up.

Sorry for the misleading information.

Be careful what you wish for. IMO loading has got slightly slower of late but stability has improved aswell. I think it’s related, maybe a deeper vetting procedure is now being used.

ok mine took 4 mins with 137 gbs stuff in community (that’s my permanent aircraft and all my UK and Ireland installed)

This one really seems long… It only takes a couple of seconds here.

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Internet speed also affects loading time, are you using steam? Could you set steam in offline mode and start MSFS?
What are your findings?


Did some simple testing using stopwatch. Using the switch -FastLaunch which disables the intro videos:

Basically it uses about 40 seconds every time (no matter how large community folder is) to count up on xbox window, and finish the check for updates, After these 40 seconds, what I guess is some sort of startup scan of the community folder commences. Here it vary quite a lot obviuosuly, but I found on my setup that the culprit to long loading times is the AIG-folder. Strangely the FSLTL pack uses much shorter time, not proportional to size and number of files. Maybe because AIG uses a lot of vintage FSX models? I don’t know.
Here are my result ( i9-9900K, 32 GB ram, M.2 SSD)

									Menu	Flight	Files	Size
Empty community	folder				1:51	0:48	0		0
All my addons no AIG/FSLTL			2:05	0:47	42 843	61,3 GB
FSLTL only							2:33	0:53	11 635	34,8 GB
FSLTL and all my other addons		2:47	0:55	54 478	96,1 GB
AIG only (all 800+ airline packs)	4:41	0:47	43 181	37,6 GB
Full AIG and all my	addons			5:29	0:53	86 024	98,9 GB