Fauveated Rendering question

When using my Pimax Crystal with Pimax xr and open xr toolkit whaat is the correct way for turning FR on? Do you need to set it both in the Pimax client and open xr toolkit or one or the other?

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Enable eye tracking in the Pimax Client (click on Apply button) and also in the PimaxXR checkbox, then use the Toolkit to turn on Dynamic Foveated Rendering and choose either a Preset value or a custom one. For custom values start with 35% 1/4, 75% 1/16.

Does it wòrk with just one or the other enabled, does having both on in open xrtk and pimax client cause issues? Some suggest it may. Ive played around with the various options with no clear verdict. Does oxrtk overide all else?

AFAIK the foveated rendering setting in Pimax Client applies only to SteamVR. If you use PimaxXR runtime only the setting in OXRT matters.
You can easily check if it works by temporarily enabling cull setting in OXRT for the resoultion rings. You will immediately see the rings moving with your gaze.

  1. Enable Eye Tracking in PimaxClient.
  2. Calibrate Eye Tracking in PimaxClient.
  3. Enable PimaxXR runtime in PimaxXR - OpenXR Control Center.
  4. “Allow use Eye Tracker” in PimaxXR - OpenXR Control Center.
  5. Enable Eye Tracking in in-sim menu of OpenXR Toolkit.
  6. Enable Foveated Rendering in in-sim menu of OpenXR Toolkit.
  7. Play with OpenXR Toolkit Foveated Rendering Presets.
  8. Expect circa 10% FPS increase due to Foveated Rendering (no matter Fixed or Dynamic) in MSFS.